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Student Life

At MCI, we emphasize respect, honesty, care, safety, and responsibility. These values are evident throughout the campus and in the surrounding community, where the locals are comfortable interacting with people from different backgrounds, interests, and beliefs.

Living at MCI

The MCI boarding program provides students with a familial atmosphere where they can learn essential life skills. Lifelong friendships from all over the world are formed at MCI, and it all starts with our boarding program.


Living at MCI

Clubs and Activities

MCI's expansive list of clubs covers almost any interest our students would like to pursue. From academic interests such as Math Team or Robotics, to interests outside the classroom such as Outdoor Adventure Club and Ski Club, there is a club for everybody here at MCI.

Clubs and Activities

Student Handbook

In the MCI Student Handbook, you will find guidelines that explain what the expectations are for all of our students, as well as a guide to help you organize yourself for a successful school year.


MCI Student Handbook

The reason why I chose MCI is because I wanted to enhance my knowledge and experience a new environment... I have many friends from all over the world, and I’m very glad that I chose MCI for my high school experience because I never feel alone.

- Hien van nguyen '23

MCI Traditions

There are a number of Maine Central Institute traditions that students have enjoyed for decades. From class competitions like Homecoming and Winter Carnival to the annual Commencement of our seniors, there is plenty of school spirit to go around here at MCI.

MCI traditions

Dining at MCI

Our partnership with dining service provider CulinArt has provided a new and exciting dining experience here at Maine Central Institute. CulinArt has come to our campus with a reputation of high quality food service, including a diverse menu of meals, offerings, and special dining experiences.

Dining at MCI

Health and Wellness

The Wellness Center provides necessary care for our boarding students so they are as healthy and happy as possible. Our school nurses and counselors provide medical assistance and care for our students’ physical and emotional well-being.

Health and wellness

John Dean

Dean of Student Life

Kattie Ouellette

Student Navigator