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Dress Code

The MCI dress code encourages neatness, good taste, and maturity. Students are expected to take pride in their own personal grooming and hygiene. MCI students should project an image of self-respect, personal responsibility, and readiness for the world beyond high school where dress standards are commonplace and important. Because there are obvious distinctions in styles, trends, and societal norms between males and females, the MCI student dress code reflects that by outlining what is acceptable for boys and what is acceptable for girls, with the intent of being consistent while realizing that they are not identical.

• A collared shirt (short or long sleeved) or sweater
• Dress pants, chinos, khakis, cargos, or corduroys worn at the waist and extending to the ankle,
• Shoes, boots, or sneakers

• A collared shirt or a dress top/blouse/shirt/sweater (short or long sleeved),
• Dress pants, chinos, khakis, cargos, or corduroys worn at the waist and extending to the ankle or a skirt/dress no shorter than 2 inches above the knee regardless of if worn with tights/leggings or not,
• Shoes, boots, sneakers, or dress sandals (non-athletic/beach style)

For both boys and girls the following apply:
• Students must be in dress code under any jacket or other outerwear.
• Clothes that are tight and/or revealing including exposing visible midriffs and/or cleavage are not allowed.
• Clothes should not be excessively stained, torn, tattered or patched.
• Clothing or accessories associated with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, are sexually suggestive, overly distracting, or have negative connotations are not allowed.
• Hats, hoods, headgear, and sunglasses are allowed if appropriate but must be removed prior to sitting or settling into a classroom, dining hall, or other common area of a building.
• Camouflage pants and shirts are not allowed but camouflage outerwear is allowed.
• Wind pants and sweatpants are not allowed
• Jeans/denim pants (any color) and t-shirts are not allowed except on dress down days.

The administration reserves the right to make determinations about acceptable, or unacceptable dress, as well as the appropriate disciplinary action. Any student not in compliance with the dress code will be sent to the Director of Student Affairs.

Consequences for violating the dress code are:
First Offense:
· 1 Detention plus 1 detention for each class missed as a result of needing to change
Second Offense:
· 2 Detentions, or 1 Saturday detention, plus 1 detention for every class missed as a result of needing to change
· Parent/Guardian alerted to potential consequences for a third offense
Third Offense:
· Considered a major offense for insubordination
· A disciplinary hearing is held

The Director of Student Affairs office has a limited supply of dress code compliant clothing that can be borrowed for the day, worn to class and, returned at the end of the day. Should a student choose not to wear what the school offers, he or she may go home and change, or remain in the Dean’s office for the balance of the day (receiving detention for every session missed). MCI is not responsible for having enough clothes for each student out of dress code. When the supply is exhausted the student must choose one of the latter two options with their associated detentions.

Dress Down Days
Periodically, MCI announces a dress down day. Students, staff and faculty pay a donation of a dollar and may wear more relaxed attire. The charity and the donation locations will be announced prior to dress down day. For example denim, collarless shirts and dresses, tops with larger logos, are appropriate. However clothes that are sheer, tight or revealing; bare midriffs; visible cleavage; excessively baggy/oversized clothing; capri’s or shorts; wind pants or sweatpants: and camouflage, are not appropriate for dress down day. Headgear is not allowed to be worn in the buildings. All apparel must be clean and without rips or stains. Clothing not in accordance will be considered violations of the dress code policy and will result in the appropriate consequence of the offense stated in the policy. 


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