The Nutcracker, A Classic Holiday Tradition, Returns to Waterville Opera House

The Nutcracker, A Classic Holiday Tradition, Returns to Waterville Opera House

Marie (Jane Weymouth '25) and the Nutcracker Prince (Noah Speed '24) share a final moment towards the end of Act I (Photo courtesy of Michael Wong)

Bossov Ballet's annual holiday performance continues to delight audiences for over 25 years  

The holidays are upon us, and it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Every person, family, and community has their own memories and traditions surrounding this festive season. One of the most timeless holiday traditions for both MCI and the central Maine community is the annual performance of The Nutcracker from Bossov Ballet Theatre, which returned to Waterville again this year for another rendition of Tchaikovsky's classic ballet.

From December 9th through the 11th, audience members were treated to the enchanting story of Marie and her mysterious journey to the Land of Magic, where toy soldiers, dancing mice, delicious treats, and the Sugar Plum Fairy are brought to life by the magic of Uncle Drosselmeyer. Artistic Director Natalya Getman strives to create new choreography each year to keep the show fresh and engaging for their audiences.

"Performing the Nutcracker year after year becomes a tradition, every dancer dreams of dancing new roles and looking for new challenges as they grow and mature in their skills," explained Getman. "What makes this group of dancers great is that they know how to work as a team. These dancers are driven by their love for ballet and performance on stage."

Seine Chin and her fellow Snowflakes split jump across the stage (Photo courtesy of Michael Wong)

One of these dancers is sophomore Seine Chin, who had the pleasure of dancing the lead role of Marie on Saturday evening and Sunday matinee in her first year at Bossov Ballet Theatre. However, Chin is no stranger to the Nutcracker production, having made her debut in the ballet at only 7 years old as an angel. Chin described her first time in a principal role as a nerve-racking experience, but also one that she had dreamt of since she was a young dancer.

"It was a dream come true to be able to perform such an iconic role," said Chin. "I love being able to show the audience what I am capable of... Ballet has taught me so much, it has helped me to become more confident, and has kept me in touch with my emotions and understanding my feelings."

All four performances were accompanied by very full crowds eager to witness the hard work and dedication that this year's dancers put into their craft. The Nutcracker's cast featured a wide range of international talent, with dancers hailing from Japan, Germany, Russia, Mexico, as well as different states across the country. When the curtain closed on the final Sunday performance, the cast was able to breathe and sigh of relief and revel in the joy and awe they were able to provide audience members during this holiday season.

The cast of The Nutcracker take a final bow amidst a standing ovation from the crowd (Photo courtesy of Michael Wong)

"The Nutcracker has such a wonderful storyline full of magic and happiness that I believe goes along with the meaning of the holidays," explained Chin. "Something about the tree that magically grows, the battle between mice and toy soldiers, and the Christmas party creates such a unique and fun production for all ages."

When reflecting on the Nutcracker and the future productions that BBT has on the horizon, Getman emphasized the necessity for dancers to express themselves through their art and for the public to take interest as well.

"In ballet you express yourself through body language, using the technique that you have been trained in for many years," said Getman. "You are alive as an artist only when your art is witnessed by others... And it is mutual, the audience also has the need to witness the beauty of art. Without art our souls would be empty. Art gives us an inspiration, helps us dig deeper within ourselves and our feelings, and teaches us to recognize beauty."

Led by Artistic Director Natalya Getman, Bossov Ballet Theatre at Maine Central Institute is both a performing company and an international pre-professional ballet school.  The program offers students a unique opportunity to study and perform classical ballet as part of the academic curriculum, allowing them to earn full academic credit for ballet training. For more information on Bossov Ballet Theatre, visit

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