Hannah Robinson Wins Manson Essay Contest, Thongruangsak “Clark” Manawongsakul is Runner Up

Congratulations to Hannah Robinson, the winner of the Manson Essay Contest and to runner up Thongruangsak “Clark” Manawongsakul. This year's Manson Essay Night was held on Tuesday, March 15 in Parks Gymnasium. The Manson is one of MCI's oldest and most important traditions. Each year, MCI juniors selected as contest finalists epitomize the values of writing and public speaking that MCI holds dear and that Dr. John C. Manson instilled in our school over 150 years ago. We are proud to recognize Hannah and Clark along with finalists Alyssa Ardry, Kyle Hall, Riley Nelson, and Marta Weinstein.

Featured Speakers:

Alyssa Ardry: "Promote Patient Protection Through Medical Devices Regulation"

Alyssa proposes that medical devices can be safer through an examination of the Federal Drug Administration’s process and efforts to emulate international models.

Kyle Hall: “Mental Health In Sports”

Kyle explores current professional athletes’ advocacy for mental health in an arena that has been neglected.

Thongruangsak “Clark” Manawongsakul: “Human Development Models and Advancement”

Clark asserts that human development requires a reconsideration of the roles of democracy and authoritarianism in progress.

Riley Nelson: “The Problem with Mainstream Media"

Riley warns of the media’s responsibilities in portraying realistic sexual content and representation over the current media priorities.

Hannah Robinson: “American Sign Language in Everyday Life”

Hannah advocates for a new culture that decreases the boundary between the verbal and nonverbal communities by increasing American Sign Language into educational environments.

Marta Weinstein: “Manufacturing Chemicals”

Marta warns of manufacturers’ responsibilities in releasing chemicals into the environment through their products and what steps are necessary to prevent and protect employees, the environment, and society.

Thank you to speaking coaches Jason Allen, John Buys, and Ethan Brownell, judges Erin Fitts, Jessica Libby, and Debra Susi, the MCI maintenance staff and dining services staff for making the event possible, The Flower Studio for providing flowers, and students Grace Cooley and Barrett Walker for live streaming the event to the public. Watch the recorded live stream here

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