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Three Out of Three Ain't Bad

Maine Central Institute wrestlers overcame COVID restrictions and low participation numbers this season to become Coach Mike Libby’s first team in 22 years to win three individual regional championships

  • 2022
  • athletics
  • Wrestling

The frost was still melting from the Front Campus lawn last Friday morning when MCI students, rakes in hand, dispersed all over Pittsfield to lend a helping hand. 

  • 2021
  • Community Service
Field Hockey Adds Another Chapter to a Proud Program History

There’s a saying among coaches across all sports that only one playoff team gets to finish the season with a victory celebration. Any team that regularly competes in postseason competition is bound to hear it spoken in consolation. The simple and often-repeated truth provides little solace in the face of defeat, but it neatly summarizes the complexity of emotions felt after a playoff loss. High-level competition is not for the faint of heart, and all but one team must learn to face the moment when the light of a magical season is extinguished and the final game clock reads 00:00. 

  • 2021
  • athletics
  • field hockey

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