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Mission and Core Values

The MCI Mission:

MCI engages a multicultural student body with diverse abilities and interests in a rigorous and comprehensive college and career preparatory experience. In a safe and nurturing environment, students develop self-esteem, academic skills, and social responsibility to be thoughtful global citizens and lifelong learners.

Core Values:

Community and Family:

The sense of community and family, not only within the school itself, but also in the greater community, is a critical value of the school.


MCI is a comprehensive school open to those who choose to attend and experience skill-based learning opportunities in and out of the traditional classroom setting.


The school deeply values the diverse makeup of its school community and encourages the continuing effort to bring individuals from every possible cultural and/or economic background to the school. Thus, the school is truly able to celebrate the diversity of the world.

Focus on the Individual:

The people at MCI focus on each student to ensure that every person grows academically, socially and physically with the skill set to be global citizens.


MCI’s status as an independent school founded in 1866 can be discovered in its programs and alumni.

Standards of Excellence:

A high level of rigor and expectation of excellence in all components of the school’s operation is critical, whether that be the academic program, the boarding program, the co-curricular activities or the overall support system at the school.