MCI's head of school is David Pearson, who works closely with our Board of Trustees to guide our School. MCI's board is an active and loyal group that looks to the future to ensure that every area of the School and its operations maintain the School's traditions while evolving to meet the needs of all students.

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Board of Trustees (2021-22)

Norbert Young, Jr. '66, President
Kyle Holmstrom, Treasurer
Tania Carnrick '73, Vice-President
Timothy Archibald '84
Robert Bryant '78
Robert Cianchette '78
Jason Cummings '98
Michael Dow '84
Allen Dyer '63
Jethro Ferguson '92
L. Ross Fitts III '78
Mitchell Hallee '15
Susan Haseltine '67
Gregg Newhouse '81
Margaret Olson '84
Charmaine Patel '98
Gregg Patterson '69
Paul Pietranico '88
Debra Pronovost '85
Aaron Rosen '97
Deborah Rozeboom
Matthew Stein '93
Tina Tang
Eric Thompson '84
Dan Tilton

Joo Ohk Yi '98

Trustee Emeriti

Trustee emeriti are recognized for their special dedicated service and commitment while members of the Board of Trustees at Maine Central Institute: William Ball '63, N. Blake Bartlett, Paul Bertrand '59, Sally Smith Bryant '61, Louise Dow, Michael Fendler '70, Dean Homstead '69, George Newhouse '54, Michael Savage '62 and Peter Vigue '65.