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The Endowment at MCI is designed to provide long-term financial stability and support for various aspects of the School’s mission.

These aspects include academic programming, faculty compensation, student scholarships, facility maintenance, and more. The Endowment is funded through a combination of sources, including donations from supporters of the school.

These funds are then invested in a diversified portfolio to generate returns and growth over time. The funds are managed by an independent, third-party group of financial professionals who develop an investment strategy to maximize returns while managing risk, consistent with investment policies set by the Board of Trustees.

The income generated from The Endowment is used to supplement the school's annual operating budget as well as to provide scholarships for students, ensuring that motivated students have access to a quality education at MCI, regardless of their financial circumstances. Donors making contributions to The Endowment do so with the understanding that their support will benefit MCI for generations to come.