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Science Direct Gift
image of Ed Walker and Gregg Patterson with donated truck
3D Makerspace image with students
image of truck donated to MCI
image of students and 3D printer
image of 3D printers in Cianchette Math and science building
image of 3D printers in Cianchette Math and science building

In collaboration with departments on campus, a Head of School Wish List exists for donors who choose to enhance or provide budget relief for the school with a gift for the purchase of these items.

Maintenance and Grounds
Cabinet Heaters in Visual and Performing Arts Education Center ($800)

Salt/Sand Shed ($20,000)

Front Campus School Signage ($2,500) 
(Donated by Mike Dow '84 & Eric Thompson '84)

MCI Science Department
FlashForge Adventurer 3  3D Printer:  
(DONATED BY Robert Cianchette ’78 and Hillary Ginsberg)

Student Lab Tables (10 needed) $390 each

Mobile Lab Stools (18 needed) $245 each

Compound Microscope (10 needed) $340 each
Stereomicroscope (5 needed) $270 each

Labquest Mini (4 needed) $170

Pasco Collision Carts (6 needed) $94 each

Electronic Scales (6 needed) $305 each

Laptop $510

Aquarium Reptile Kit (2 needed) $160 each

FlashForge Adventurer 3 3D printer (5 needed) $510 each

Arduino 37-in-1 Module Kit (14 needed) $37

Arduino Uno Starter Kit (4 needed) $65 each

Filament and Vinyl  $510

Crawling Microbugs (7) $14 each

Push-button programmable robot (7) $34.42 each

Electronic crickets (4) $34.32 each

14-1 Solar robots (8) $33.85 each


Bikes (5) $700 each

restricted gifts
Plymouth Engineering, Front Campus Design:  Anonymous

Academics:  Maggie Ren

Bossov Ballet:  C. Robert and Emily McDowell in memory of Linda Wyly, Brammie and Warren Cook 

Music:  Robert and Cynthia Downs

Professional Development:  Eaton, Peabody, Susan Haseltine ’67

Scholarship:  Melmac Education Foundation

Accounting Services:  Berry Dunn

Employee Recognition Luncheon:  Paul Bertrand ’59

Face Masks:  CM Almy

Frame and Mat for Gift Picture:  Joseph M. Roberts

One Gallon Hand Cleaner:  White Mountain Imaging

Honor Gifts

Class of 1970:  William ’70 and Karen Cunningham

Class of 2020:  Barbara Pomeroy ’87

This page is a work in progress as the list of items will be updated  regularly pending approval.

While giving to the MCI Annual Fund assists the school with its greatest need, you may choose to support an area of MCI that is special to you.

Thanks to contributions from Mike Dow '84 and Eric Thompson '84, the front campus has a newly restored sign based upon the original.  On behalf of the Science Department and all of our students, thank you to Robert Cianchette for the gift of a "Flash Forge Adventurer 3D Printer".  In the last year, Gregg Patterson '69 contributed a work truck for the MCI maintenance crew that has been helpful with keeping our campus clear of snow in the winter and looking beautiful in the summer.

The Meridian Lodge #125, Masons of Pittsfield provided a gift that allowed the MCI science department to augment its 3D printer capacity. The printers have not only allowed hands on learning in the classroom, but MCI teachers used them to help make face shields during the pandemic.