Thank you to the 716 alumni and friends who gave $289,812 to the 2018-19 MCI Annual Fund. The Annual Fund supports the hopes and dreams of MCI students. Every donor makes MCI STRONGER!

Giving to MCI

When you give to MCI, you help provide the great educational experience and close community that have always made our school special. And you recognize the positive and true benefit the school has on student lives and the level of success they enjoy.

There are many more reasons to support MCI and many ways donors can give. Gifts to the Annual Fund, gifts to support the endowment and capital projects, and planned gifts all play an important role in supporting MCI today. Please view the links to learn more about these programs and discover how you can make a difference.

Watch a clip from Board Trustee and Alumnus Gregg Patterson '69

Meet the Advancement Team

alicia nichols

Alicia J. Nichols, Dean of Advancement
(207) 487-5915

joseph roberts

Joe Roberts, Associate Dean of Advancement
(207) 487-5915 

pamela dorman

Pamela Dorman, Director of Communications
(207) 487-5915

sharon savasuk

Sharon Savasuk, Office Manager
(207) 487-5915

ray berthelette

Ray Berthelette, Systems Specialist