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Your gift to Maine Central Institute will help provide our students with the tools they need to go to college or trade school, enjoy successful careers, and to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Your support is vital, and every gift makes a difference.

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Looking to give back to MCI? Our secure giving site will help you make your gift, or utilize any of our wide array of giving options.


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The MCI Annual Fund

MCI's Annual Fund is critical to the school's day-to-day operations, as it provides extra and unrestricted gifts to help support departments all across our campus.


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There are many different ways to make a gift and give back to MCI. Learn about the various ways to give and find which option works best for you.


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This school gives us so much, there are some things here that I really don't understand how you guys do. You give us so much and more than we deserve, so I think we should give a little bit back.

- andre valente de souza '25

The Norbert and Maple Young Fund for Excellence

Learn more about Maine Central Institute's new opportunity to recognize and support teaching excellence and the equally dedicated MCI faculty and staff.

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Day of Giving 2023

Tom Bertrand

Assistant Head of School for Advancement

Sharon Savasuk

Advancement Office Manager