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Behind the Scenes: NYC Trip

Spring Performance Showcase

BBT Welcomes New Year-Round Teacher Sabir Yapparov

Abi DeSchiffart '16:  What the Arts at MCI Mean to Me

A Note from Natalya

Upcoming Events:

Spring Showcase featuring Carmen: May 29 & 30
Summer Intensive: June 15-July 25 
Sleeping Beauty: July 24 & 25

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Behind the Scenes: NYC Trip

By Julia Bluhm '16

New York City is a place with quite a reputation. It’s known for endless skyscrapers, buzzing taxis, blinding lights, and Broadway. In the ballet world, it’s also known for housing two of the most famous ballet companies in America. I knew this when I arrived there for our three-day trip in April with Felicity Audet '15, Arjan Orr '17 and Errol Kurtz '15. I felt small and humbled to have the opportunity to dance in such a place, no matter the setting. But by the time we left, I didn’t feel small or insignificant. I felt like New York City had made its own little spot for us, and in it we weren’t just dots in a blur of people and cars; we were appreciated. This is the power of ballet. No matter the place, no matter the circumstance, everyone values a beautiful performance.

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Spring Performance: Ballet Showcase featuring Carmen

BBT @ MCI's spring showcase featuring Carmen will take place on Friday, May 29 at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday, May 30 at 2:00 p.m. in Parks Hall on MCI's campus.  Enjoy a spectacular evening of classical ballet with scenes from Chopeniana, Sleeping Beauty and Esmeralda before experiencing the full ballet, Carmen. Reimagined with original choreography by Natalya Getman, Carmen is based on the famous opera by French composer George Bizet and tells the story of a retired soldier and his fiery relationship with a beautiful girl named Carmen. 

General admission tickets are $10 per adult and $5 per student and are available now online at or through the MCI Business Office.  They will also be available at the door.  Digital Workshop will be filming and selling DVDs and Blu Ray Discs of both performances.  Order forms are available online and will also be available at both performances.

Please read the Note from Natalya below to learn more about the spring performance.

BBT Welcomes New Year-Round Faculty Member Sabir Yapparov 

We are thrilled to announce that Sabir Yapparov will be joining BBT as a faculty member this coming fall!  He will be teaching two days a week and will be focusing on men’s classes and partnering.  Mr. Yapparov will come to us from the Cincinnati Ballet, where he has worked as Academy Principal.  He has also previously worked at the Portland Ballet and is very much looking forward to returning to Maine and teaching at BBT.  Mr. Yapparov and Natalya Getman share similar ballet training and backgrounds as well as a cohesive vision of the future of the BBT @ MCI ballet program.      

Here is a note from Natalya about this exciting news:  “I'm very much looking forward to start working with Sabir next year. I believe he will bring a lot of good values to our program and will share the knowledge that he has with our students to help them to grow into strong, successful dancers. I have always believed that in dance all of the teachers have to be on the same page to produce great results, and it certainly feels like that is the case with me and Sabir. Over just a few classes that I have observed him teaching, I could tell that he had good communication with the dancers and they were very receptive to his corrections, an important skill I like to see in any of the teachers who will be working with our students.”

Featured Student:  Abi DeSchiffart '16, "What the Arts at MCI Mean to Me"

"It is hard to find something to say about the arts that has not already been said. I could reiterate how students involved in the arts typically have better test scores and how being involved in the arts forces children to use different sections of their brains, the same sections used for mathematics and problem solving. The statistics that prove the value of the arts have already been said over and over again. The only thing I have left to tell is my own story about how being involved in the arts has changed my life."

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A Note from BBT Artistic Director Natalya Getman
Dear students, parents, alumni and friends,

This school year is coming to the end and nothing could make it better than the spring performance that we are ready to present on May 29th and May 30th. I would like to give a little bit of the preview of this performance.

In Act One you will get a chance to see some excerpts from the ballets Esmeralda and Sleeping Beauty, followed by the full ballet Chopeniana. It is a very beautiful and romantic ballet and has a lot of intricate formations, which to me, look like "lace fabric." I'm proud to say that I was able to use all levels of our dancers in this choreography; this is the indication of the dance progress in our younger students.

In Act Two you will be experiencing a lot of passion and drama as the ballet Carmen will unroll. To be honest with you all, it is my favorite work that I've done so far. This ballet has special meaning to me for many reasons. I will share them during the presentation with the audience. During this process our dancers demonstrated outstanding dedication to dance and I feel that they leave their soul on the dance floor every time they rehearse it. It is fascinating to witness. I believe this ballet will move you deeply, that is what art should do to people in my opinion.

I cannot be any prouder of our seniors this year, Felicity Audet, Aubrey Whisnant, Errol Kurtz and Emily Gliniewicz. They grew up into beautiful, mature and responsible people, each one of them has a great future ahead of them. I have one request for them: please don't forget that we will always be your family and you are always welcomed to come back and visit us here - your second home.

Even though the school year is ending, BBT has the summer intensive ahead. During that I'm looking forward to continuing to work with my students and I’m happy to meet new dancers who are going to discover our special program through this experience. The summer intensive will conclude with the ballet Sleeping Beauty, of course we would be delighted to see you at that performance.

I also would like to thank MCI’s team of people who are working hard behind the scenes every day to help our program move forward.


P.S.  Please save the date for our summer performance of The Sleeping Beauty at the Waterville Opera House on Friday, July 24 and Saturday, July 25.


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