Weekend Fun at MCI

Sweet Fun at MCI

MCI ice cream party

As we reached the middle of May and classes conclude for this academic year, boarding students and staff took a break from online classes to celebrate Maine's warm weather with Sweet Frog frozen yogurt. They were treated to vanilla or chocolate frozen yogurt with a wide variety of toppings. 

Residential Life's Jeremy Fehnel shared, "Students and staff really enjoyed this delicious treat as the weather is beginning to warm up here in Maine."

MCI ice cream party

MCI's April "Staycation"

MCI dance party at campus barbecue
MCI volleyball game in parks gym

The week of April vacation was a pretty quiet and low-key on the MCI campus. Every day, our boarding students enjoyed open gym, where they lifted weights, played basketball and volleyball. Some of the kids played volleyball on front campus, while others sat on a blanket enjoying the beautiful Maine weather.

We had a fun picnic on front campus where we enjoyed grilled burgers and hot dogs. We had 100% participation and many kids stuck around to enjoy S’mores later in the evening and helped with clean up. On Friday, Ms. Aidan hosted a nature walk throughout Manson Park to enjoy the scenery along the Sebasticook River.

mci picnic

On Saturday, we held a pizza party in the Alumni Hall Bigelow Room to end the break on a positive note. We enjoyed delicious pizza, listened to music, and hung out and talked for hours.

Our seniors are working on their senior projects, and we hear quite a bit of piano-playing throughout the week by three student musicians. While not working on assignments, students have been watching movies and playing on the Wii in the common areas.

MCI students face masks on front campus


Decorating Easter Eggs

MCI students family decorate easter eggs

As if there are not enough challenges, on Friday, April 10, we received over 12 inches of snow, and the power went out for most of Maine. Power remained out for most of the night and into the morning. Students had no access to the internet, so we had our first official “snow day” for our online classrooms – maybe the first ever snow day for virtual learning in history!

mci students hold decorated easter eggs

Despite these added difficulties, students managed to stay positive, to relax in their own ways, and to welcome Easter weekend with uplifted spirits. On Saturday night, the Johnson family opened their home for an Easter egg extravaganza, resulting in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs for the unsuspecting eggs.

With warmer weather coming next week, we all hope to get outside around campus to toss frisbees and to play lawn games. Spring break is a week away: there will be no classes April 18 through April 26. 

A well-deserved rest will be most welcome!

MCI-themed decorated easter eggs

Settling in to a New Routine

MCI cornhole game

With sunny weather and warmer temperatures, the March 27th weekend kicked off with some good old-fashioned cornhole after a delicious home-cooked meal in our dining hall. Students learned the "ins and outs" of this recreational game that seems to be the hottest activity across college campuses these days.

MCI hiking trip
On Saturday, March 28, students took a hike with Mr. and Mrs. Pomeroy off-campus. The trails were fresh, the air crisp, and signs of spring could be found everywhere.
After some tasty lasagna, pizza, and an ice-cream bar, students lined up couches for "movie night" on the big screen.
The weekend concluded on Sunday with open gym, art, time in the music studio and a run to the local grocery store. The weekend was relatively low-key and restive as we
all get geared up for another week of learning and togetherness here on MCI island. :)
MCI students hike in maine woods
MCI parent testimonial
MCI parent testimonial