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MCI students share their experiences and observations about going to school here and living on the MCI campus.

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Homecoming Dance

By Ange Ariella Mugisha ’20

After years without one, we finally had a Homecoming Dance again this year, and it will be one of the best memories that I will keep with me after my years at MCI. It was a great occasion to catch up with friends that we hadn’t seen in a long time, and also a great place to make new friends from all over the world. From the music and the people’s outfits to the snacks offered, everything was great! It reminded me of days back home. I will have a lot of memories from that night but the best moment was when we got to play music from our home countries and share some of our moves. This experience proved how our school is diverse and open to discovering new cultures. My friends and I went on the dance floor and everyone joined us. It made me feel like I was home, if only for the length of the song. Everyone was dancing to all types of music, whether it was familiar to them or not. I can’t imagine a better way to end Homecoming Weekend than by spending the night on the dance floor.

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Cultural Heritage Day

By Bao “Bob” Duy Huynh ’19

Cultural Heritage Day at Maine Central Institute is a celebration of the diversity of the community. In October, we recognized students and staff members representing 27 different countries.

Everything was prepared carefully the night before, and as soon as the bell for the last period rang, all the students enthusiastically gathered at Parks Gym. After everyone was seated, two representatives, Inna from Russia and Ariella from Rwanda, introduced the start of the celebration. A marvelous performance by MCI’s Bossov Ballet Theatre followed. It was so beautiful and amazing that it captivated the audience’s attention and received an overwhelming applause.

Ariella then proceeded to announce the 27 countries one by one. As each was called, one representative walked proudly in step to their national anthem towards their flag. Everyone applauded overwhelmingly as each flag was unfurled illustriously upon the walls of Parks Gym. It was a display of pride not only for the ones who represented their countries, but also for the whole school where such grand diversity is celebrated. The atmosphere was filled with happiness, pride, and appreciation.

The wonderfulness did not end once all the flags were unfurled. A piano and violin duet by two seniors, Connie and Michael, was performed - a beautiful piece from their home country Macau (China). Not to be outdone, Aaron Tian (also from China) sang and played an amazing guitar piece with every pair of eyes in the audience set upon him. It was a silent and peaceful moment, and the delightful song marked the end of the celebration.

inna at lincoln memorial in washington dc

Winter Carnival

By Inna Osetrova ’20

I’m eager to tell you how many interesting and indeed, funny activities the MCI students were up to during Winter Carnival. During the Winter Carnival, I was fascinated to see how people from different countries showed cooperation, support and most importantly, social cohesion among each other.

The freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors got a great chance to compete against each other in volleyball, basketball, tug of war, softball, bombardment and quiz bowl. This Carnival lasted for three days and gave a great opportunity to everyone to meet people they hadn’t interacted with before. The students who participated in these activities got a huge portion of laugh, smiles, and I’m sure that even the chilly weather brought some sort of pep to everybody before the weekends. Unfortunately, the snow sculptures were cancelled due to the weather changes. Instead of the sculptures, “skits” were assigned to classes where students had to work with their groups and create funny mini performances.

During the Winter Carnival there were so many moments that were indescribable and indeed impressive. Sadly the amount of words in this blog is limited, otherwise I’d have told you more… But even if it is so, I totally encourage you, my reader, to come and join us next year - to see, to experience, and to be a part of this unique and fundamental event of the school’s socialization.

I must say that the entire Winter Carnival was held on the highest level, including the referees, the cameramen, the judges, the rooters and the players. The creation of this event itself and the organization were an amazing structure to be a part of.

In my opinion, this Winter Carnival meant something even more to me. I could see how American society is different and what values it teaches to a non-American person. It teaches the creation of the unity and communitarianism. This particular aspect of American culture made a great impression on me.

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