Health and Wellness

Student health and wellness are significant priorities for the benefit of the entire MCI community. The Lorine Cummings Wellness Center in Weymouth Hall is where students and staff come for care from the school nurse in the school infirmary or to see personal counselors. MCI's entire faculty is committed to ensuring the safety of our campus, and our robust human development program and co-curricular offerings provide students with information, concepts, and encouragement to improve and maintain their personal wellness.

Dorm parents are experienced and trained resources for boarding students who become sick, are in pain or are injured when classes are not session. The Pittsfield community and surrounding area features a local critical access hospital approximately a mile from campus, and numerous physicians and emergency/urgent care services that are within easy access to campus.

MCI's Wellness Policy 

MCI is committed to the health and wellbeing of the faculty/staff, student body and the surrounding community. MCI recognizes that it has a unique opportunity to provide education, experiential opportunities and guidance concerning health and wellness.

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Adrienne Baker: School Nurse
Personal Counselor

MCI's Wellness Center is open
on school days and staffed by nurse,
Adrienne Baker and Personal Counselor, Macie Batchelder