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Dining at MCI


The award-winning Savage Family Dining Room with the Jeffrey Hazell '79 Servery, located in the Trustee Memorial Student Center, has affectionately been called “the best restaurant in town” by students, staff, and alumni. MCI is proud of the quality of the food and the friendly, caring demeanor of our food service professionals.

During the school day, the Dining Room serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all students and staff. For those who live on campus, the Dining Room offers meals on weekends and on days when school is not in session but students and faculty are on campus.

Regularly during the school year, MCI offers sit-down dinners where residential students and staff are seated strategically to experience a family-style meal with the goals of integration and experiencing the customs and manners associated with dining in a more formal setting. Some sit-down dinners are themed and relaxed, while others are formal; all of them are designed to enjoy the company of fellow community members and celebrate students.

We offer an online payment plan for school meals and a reduced-cost meal program for children who qualify under USDA guidelines. Click here to access the application for this program. 

We also offer Grab and Go breakfasts for students.  Click here for more information.