Clubs and Activities

MCI offers a wide range of activities to students. Our students are encouraged to participate in a club, activity, or sport during the school year, and it is common for students to be involved in multiple activities.

Please review the list of clubs and activities that we offer students; if you do not see a favorite activity in the list below, we encourage you to create a club or activity for the entire campus to enjoy.

Contact Director of Clubs and Activities Scott Giallombardo '00 at (207) 487-3355 (email: for more information about how to join an MCI club or how to start one of your own.

Click here to view the 2019-2020 Club and Activity Calendar

Annual Club and Activity Fair

MCI holds the Annual Club and Activity Fair at the start of each school year, usually during the first day of school with all students. The fair is held in Parks Gym, and each MCI club is represented by the faculty/staff advisor and student members. The fair is a wonderful chance for students to learn about the many clubs that MCI offers, providing students a chance to learn about current club offerings and sign up. Clubs compete for the Best Table award, which is given at the end of the fair.

Students who do not see a club they would like to participate in are encouraged to complete a survey about what they would like offered at the School.

Aomori Program

MCI students and their families host a homeroom class of Japanese students from Aomori-Minami Senior High School. Aomori students participate in school visits, co-curricular activities, eating and shopping, and typical Maine family activities. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy a more personal exchange with teenagers from another country, and discover that they have much in common.

MCI students travel to Aomori via Toyko, Japan to enjoy a visit Aomori-Minami Senior High School. Our students are able to participate in a home stay with Aomori students' families that visit us at MCI.

Art Club

Come chill out during Husky time in the art room on Tuesday afternoons. We draw, listen to music, and watch art videos. Art club times of meeting and specific activities are determined by the group (student-led) and suggested activities are:

  • Painting sets for prom
  • Museum visits
  • Making homemade charcoal at bonfire
  • Free choice art time in Art room
  • Explorations - trying new media

For more information, contact Ms. Aidan (

Aviation Club

The Aviation Club is for students interested in all aspects of aviation: engineering, design, flying, and business management.  Located at our local airfield next to campus, we explore areas based upon student interest, which could involve the aircrafts, airport design, aeronautical engineering, aspects of flight, steps needed to learn how to fly and the process involved in that endeavor. 

Contact Mr. McDonald for more information or to join.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is open to all students, whether they wish to play competitively, want to learn, or just have fun.  MCI students may compete in local U.S. Chess Federation rated tournaments and also hosts students who just want to learn how to play against their peers in a laid-back environment.

No sign up is necessary. Contact Mr. Villmore for information.

Chinese Club

Chinese Club seeks to introduce various aspects of Chinese culture: traditions, heritage, festivals, language, music, sports, art and current events to the MCI community.

Drama Club

Drama Club welcomes all skill levels and abilities. There is something for everyone! The club is designed to foster interest and promote participation in theatre activities on campus, showcase student talent in the venues outside the regular Theatre Arts classes, engage in meaningful theatrical activities and productions, demonstrate school and community spirit and pride, promote high standards of conduct, and stimulate a successful working relationship between students and faculty.

Fantasy Sports Club

The Fantasy Sports Club offers opportunities for anyone who likes to play Fantasy Football.  We meet the first week of school and schedule a draft day before the NFL season starts.

Fantasy Football makes watching games on Sunday even more fun if you have bragging rights over your opponent each week! Even if you have never played, but love football, this is the club for you!

See Mr. Chase in CMS Rm. 301 for more information.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a weekly Bible study open to all students, centered around leading every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.

For more information or to join, contact Mr. Day.

Fencing Club

The Fencing Club has a few devotees who think it is a great way to spend a couple of hours once a week, because fighting with swords is very cool! The club is designed to teach competitive sport fencing, starting with foil, to any student who wants to learn. Both males and females fence on an equal footing and the camaraderie mostly trumps the competitive urge. Members who are able to attend regularly are usually amazed at how they improve over the course of a year. We are limited by our equipment to about eight fencers at any one time but are able to accommodate larger numbers by sharing.

Swords, masks, jackets and gloves are all provided by the club in a wide range of sizes so almost anyone can come learn.

Gay-Straight Alliance

MCI Gay-Straight Alliance goals are to communicate with the LGBT and youth on campus and advocate their needs and concerns. By bringing awareness to their issues, we will create a stronger, more inclusive community for all MCI students.

Generational Connections Club

The Generational Connections Club provides MCI students with the opportunity to create connections with our older community members who have rich memories and experiences to share with a younger generation. Club members visit residents at a local nursing/boarding facility to visit, read, and do fun activities together. Students benefit from developing relationships with a different generation (while logging community service hours), and our school community benefits from the ties that are strengthened by the club’s efforts.

Contact Ms. Verrill or Ms. Ouellette for more information.


Soon after the start of the school year in September, students participate in MCI's annual Homecoming. Homecoming is a tradition to welcome back alumni and former residents to share in the athletic achievements of our current student athletes while honoring our past athletes in our Athletic Hall of Fame. It is also a fun way for new students to build friendships with the entire student body and a perfect opportunity for alums to reconnect!

The MCI Homecoming Week features events in the community, a parade, bonfire, friendly class competitions and gatherings, and sports games featuring MCI's Football, Field Hockey, Soccer and Golf teams.

Key Club

MCI's Key Club comprises students from all grades who are interested in serving their communities. At our weekly meetings, we talk about community service projects and how we can help others. In the past few years we have also prepared and served meals at the Welcome Table, partnered with the Kindness Krew to provide Thanksgiving meals to local families in need, raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and organized a charity basketball game to benefit a neighboring school district.

Key Club International is the high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. Key Club assists Kiwanis in carrying out its mission to serve the children of the world. High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.

Kindness Krew

The Kindness Krew's goal is promote and engage in acts of kindness at the school and in the community as well as on the national and global level. It is a service-based group that focuses on larger project to help accomplish this mission. Annual projects include the tree lighting on front campus where proceeds go towards the warm winter fund, the Salvation Army Christmas trees, which collect gifts for needy children, and Random Acts of Kindness week.

We also partner with the Key Club around Thanksgiving to collect full Thanksgiving dinners for local families in need. The Kindness Krew has responded to national crises and has raised money for the victims of both the Sandy Hook shootings and Hurricane Sandy. Each year we focus on one major global project. Past projects have included collecting shoes for children in Kenya and raising money to purchase life straws for people throughout Africa.

International Food Festival

Since 2007, MCI features our popular International Food Festival to celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our students and faculty. Students and advisors plan and prepare food offerings, showcase music from their home countries, develop promotional materials, and host the open-house event that has become a fun, family event in April for hundreds of area foodies and school supporters.


Mr. Buys introduces student pianist

Masardis is MCI’s art magazine and coffee-house. Collecting and editing art publications that feature original student art and literature of varying mediums, Masardis explores the many facets of MCI’s creative community members, routinely recognized and newly found.

Beyond their dedication to visual and literary arts, Masardis sponsors performance art through regular coffeehouse nights showcasing student and faculty talents while enjoying light refreshments. Masardis celebrates and shares MCI’s creative community.

Math Team

The Math Team generally meets once a week for organizational purposes and practice. Each team has ten scoring members whose performances count toward both the individual results and the team score. Other members’ scores are counted only for the individual, but teams can be rearranged at will. Doing several math problems in a limited time may not be everyone's idea of a great way to spend an afternoon, but the pride of success at such a mental challenge is very rewarding. The problems are designed to be very challenging even when the level of math is set for beginning high school students. The problem categories range from arithmetic to trigonometry and statistics. Serious math students of any level can contribute to this team.

Model United Nations

Model UN is a student group with a focus on global awareness, global citizenship, and diplomacy. Students learn about international issues and work collaboratively to solve problems through position papers, debate, and discussion. Each May the team travels to the University of Southern Maine for three days to discuss global issues with schools across Maine. To prepare for the May conference, students work diligently throughout the spring months studying and writing about global issues.

National Honor Society (NHS)

The National Honor Society is a national organization that comprises high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a student. The NHS strives to recognize the total student—one who excels in four areas: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Citizenship, and Character.

Membership, however, is more than an honor. It incurs a responsibility and an obligation to demonstrate those outstanding qualities that resulted in selection.

This organization is not open to all students, but exemplary students are chosen by a committee of faculty members. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 85 or better and also must attend MCI for three semesters to be considered. MCI reviews new potential candidates each September, and students are inducted into MCI's NHS chapter every year in October.

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure Club gives students opportunities to get outside and be active. The club takes advantage of the great outdoor resources in central Maine and beyond. Recent adventures include an overnight biking trip to the Maine Huts and Trails system, a hike to Katahdin Peak, and a paddle from the Pinnacle to Douglas Pond in Pittsfield.

Much of the learning experience lies in preparing for these adventures: we have learned about outdoor first aid, dressing for the cold, and even fly tying. The club is most active in the fall and spring but meets all year on a weekly basis.

Paper Art Club

Paper Art club is about transforming two-dimensional flat paper into beautiful three-dimensional works of art. Students choose projects to work on and create amazing figures using scissors, paper, and glue.

Contact Ms. Wess for more information.

Philanthropy Council

The MCI Philanthropy Council is a group of students committed to encourage, inspire, and educate others about the importance of donating and contributing to beneficiaries in the local area. It is also aimed to promote gratitude and offer students the opportunity to give back to MCI and the surrounding community.

Quidditch Club

The Quidditch Club is based on love for all things Harry Potter. During the warmer months, club meetings are held outside and students play muggle quidditch, which is a magical no contact mix between soccer and basketball. In the winter, the club meets to play Harry Potter-related games and play trivia.

We welcome anyone to join us!

Robotics Team

The Robotics Team at MCI, The Terror Bytes, is a competitive FIRST (For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics team that competes in two regular season events a year. We meet every week during the off season (June to December) to work on projects, logistics, planning, and fundraising. During the build and competition season (Jan to May) we meet four times a week to design, build and program the robot, as well as work on video production, award submissions and pit design.

The team is open to all students; we need programmers, designers, builders/fabricators, website builders, artists, writers and other talented folks! While students don't need to attend every meeting and build session, there are attendance and fundraising commitments to be met in order to qualify to travel to competitions.

Speech and Debate

Have you ever wondered how politicians, musicians, and athletes learn how to present themselves? Speech and Debate will tell you. In this activity, we will learn how to present in a way to keep the audience engaged enough to remember what is said. We will also delve into the world of debate. Do you like to prove your point? Do you feel alive when talking to a large group? Do you want to build your confidence when it comes to presentations? Come and develop your public-speaking skills in Speech and Debate. Whatever you want to do after high school, knowing how to talk to people - and convince them - are vital.

Student Ambassadors Club

MCI Student Ambassadors serve as MCI's representatives to prospective families and  prospective students. The Student Ambassadors participate in multiple capacities throughout the year at various admissions events and activities. They also serve as hosts for students who participate in the MCI experience.

Student Council

The Mission Statement of the Maine Central Institute Student Council is: “We will work to make each school day a good experience for every student at MCI. We will work to make MCI a safe, welcoming, fair, fun and learning place for students to be.”

The Student Council serves the student body. We solicit input around student issues and concerns, and develop and implement ways to address those issues. The Student Council is one avenue for administrators to gather input as well. Additionally, we conduct service projects for MCI and sponsor activities designed to meet our pledge in our mission statement. We raise money to fund three scholarships and to fund attendance at leadership conferences.

Some of the traditional activities of the Student Council:

  • Theme Week - includes preparing and presenting an all-school meeting and various activities built around the school theme
  • Design and present a second school meeting to revisit the theme
  • Campus Coffee events in December and May for the entire school 
  • Attend regional/state/national Student Council Conferences
  • Coordinate Fast Blast, a fun 24-hour fast and sleepover
  • Produce Senior Video
  • Develop Spring Fever Week, a week of activities designed to help everyone have fun and shake the mid-winter doldrums
  • Maintain a bulletin board in the library

TED-Ed Club

The TED-Ed Club program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks. TED invites the most compelling speakers from TED-Ed clubs to New York twice a year and provides opportunities to connect with a global network of passionate youth about ideas worth sharing.

Tennis Club

Tennis Club looks to provide recreational tennis activity for students at MCI. The primary goal of the club is to have fun playing tennis. Everyone is welcome to join to play tennis with us.

Wiffleball Club

Wiffleball is a variation of the sport of baseball that involves using a perforated, light-weight, plastic ball and a long, typically yellow, plastic bat. Wiffleball club will meet once a week to play the game out on the front campus and have fun!

Winter Carnival

Every winter as the days slowly warm with spring, students participate in the MCI Winter Carnival, which is a long-standing tradition at our School. Students participate with their classmates in friendly competitions like creating snow sculptures, tug of war, bombardment, Quiz Bowl, skits, and fun sport events.

Winter Carnival culminates with the Sno-Ball, a formal dance where a Sno-Ball king and queen are chosen. 

Yearbook Club

Students in the Yearbook Club are responsible for creating MCI’s yearbook, The Trumpet. Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including: photography, digital editing, journalism, and business management. Yearbook is a lot of fun and celebrates a variety of student talents.

Students can participate in Yearbook Club regardless of what classes they are enrolled in or their class year in school.

Youth and Government

Maine Youth and Government is a program that puts high school students into the role of a legislator or administration official to gain a better understanding of Maine's legislative process. Students learn how bills are made in Maine and propose their own pieces of legislation. The culminating experience of the program is a three-day legislative session at the State House in Augusta where students will debate and discuss their own legislation in hopes of making the reforms that Maine needs!

Outdoor Adventure Club

MCI's Bell Tower Press

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Masardis Coffee House

The Husky Howl

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