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Integrated Pest Management Program

To manage pesticide use to ensures safety for all students, faculty and the public, MCI proactively and routinely monitors any pests in all buildings and grounds as part of our Integrated Pest Management Plan (IPM). The School’s IPM coordinator oversees implementation of our IPM policy and retains information required by the Maine Board of Pesticides Control Regulations (CMR 01-026, Chapter 27).

Whenever possible, MCI uses non-chemical pest-management methods. When pesticides must be used, the IPM coordinator determines the least hazardous materials for application and schedules applications to minimize exposure to humans (while following state and federal law).

At the beginning of each school year, MCI educates the School community about our IPM Policy, our current potential pest problems and how we manage those problems. MCI provides written notice to parents, guardians, students and staff at least five days before applying pesticides. We also post signs in a central location and at points of access to the treatment area at least two days before the application that remain posted for 48 hours following the treatment.

For more information or if you would like to receive email alerts about pesticide applications at MCI, please contact Paul Reynolds at (207) 487-3355, ext. 163 (email: