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Life @MCI

At MCI, we emphasize respect, honesty, care, safety, and responsibility. These values are evident throughout the campus and in the surrounding community, where the locals are comfortable interacting with people from different backgrounds, interests, and beliefs. 

MCI ensures that the adults on campus are here for the benefit and support of all students: it is common to see teachers, administrators, and staff members interacting with students in classrooms, at events and in public spaces. MCI encourages and supports positive relationships among community members, which makes our school a genuinely special place to learn and live. 

With an ideal enrollment of around 450, students find the balance of pursuing their personal interests while still feeling a part of the entire community.  With students from all over the United States and the world, and students who call central Maine home as members of the local school district, students are able to find comfort in groups with opportunities to form lasting friendships with people from diverse backgrounds through structured and positive classroom interactions and participation in co-curricular activities on- and off-campus. Beloved campus traditions like Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and other activities are the fabric of our School.