Athletic Handbook

Below is information that we ask MCI student/athletes and their parents/guardians to read thoroughly when considering participation in a sport activity.

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Message to the Parents/Legal Guardians

We are pleased to have your child/children attending Maine Central Institute. Working with our students, staff, administration, parents and the community, MCI strives to continuously enhance our athletic programs - and the athletic experience for all Huskies.

We are committed to helping your child access and navigate these programs and experiences.

Membership on an MCI athletic team is a privilege. Students are expected to follow the rules and policies set forth in this handbook, and those set by their respective coaches. Please take the time to thoroughly read the Maine Central Institute Athletic Handbook with your child to ensure each of you clearly understand the commitment and requirements for interscholastic athletic participation at MCI.

We ask MCI student/athletes and their parents and guardians to read this handbook thoroughly and complete all of the necessary paperwork at the end of the booklet. This paperwork is also available for digital completion through the athletics page on the MCI website.

Once completed, this paperwork must be turned in to your student/athlete’s coach before the start of the athletic season. Digital completion will be received directly by the MCI athletic director – those who complete paperwork digitally are not required to turn it in to coaches at the start of the season.

It is mandatory that all required paperwork and required physical testing documentation be turned in prior to participation in MCI athletics.

Communication Guidelines

If problems in a sport season arise, we ask you to take the following steps in finding a solution: through open communication, we can avoid unresolved issues and ensure a better experience for all of our student-athletes here at MCI.

  1. Please have your student/athlete discuss the situation with their coaches. Self-Advocacy is one of life’s most beneficial skills. Discussions on playing time and strategy end at this step. MCI Coaches run their programs and apportion playing time as they see fit. Discussions on playing time are limited to the coaches and student/athletes. Only MCI student/athletes may have conversations regarding playing time and strategy with their coaches.
  2. If the issue (outside of playing time or strategy) remains unresolved, speak to your child’s coach.
  3. Speak to the athletic director if you feel the issue has still not been resolved. Discussions regarding playing time are solely the province of the coach/athlete relationship and will not be addressed at this level.
  4. Request a meeting of the athletic director and coach if the issue is still not addressed. Discussions regarding playing time are solely the province of the coach/athlete relationship and will not be addressed at this level.
  5. If the issue remains unresolved after Step 4, the Athletic Director will set up a meeting with the Head of School.

Feel free to contact Jim Leonard ( with any questions or concerns.

Objectives of MCI Athletic Programs

Interscholastic athletic activities at Maine Central Institute are designed to provide a number of important experiences for the participant. These activities act as a supplement to the school’s academic programs and provide not only a means of diversion from the classroom, but also an extremely important vehicle of education.

The following objectives are emphasized during athletic participation in the quest to educate the entire individual:

  1. Work Ethic - An important outcome of any activity is to teach students that there is no substitute for hard work.
  2. Commitment - Another objective of education through athletics is commitment. Maintaining the proper attitude with teammates and coaches, and attendance at all practices and games are vital components of commitment to a team/sport.
  3. Health and Physical Activity - The teaching of the basics of a healthy lifestyle are important objectives of athletic programs. The student athlete will learn first-hand what the demands of physical activity are and how he/she can successfully meet these demands through proper nutrition, conditioning and rest.
  4. Sportsmanship (Acceptable Behavior) - The many pressures of practices, games, and life in the community need to be met with emotional control in a measured and disciplined way. The student athlete will learn to make the proper responses to these pressure situations in the well-directed athletic program at MCI.
  5. Team Work - The placing of team before self and the ability to work side-by-side with someone toward a common goal is another significant benefit of the MCI athletic experience. Obviously, the objective of teaching individuals how to function effectively within the framework of the team is extremely important.

The major objectives listed above certainly are the focal points of our athletic programs at MCI. There are other benefits that come from the programs which are perhaps more subtle than the ones listed above: loyalty; pride; self confidence; physical and mental maturity; a sense of accomplishment; and the feeling of belonging, to mention just a few. Regardless of the objectives and expectations of the program for the student athlete, it is critical for MCI student/athletes to realize their participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right, and should be treated in that manner.

Things You Need to Join an Athletic Team

  1. Physical Exam - To bring our requirement in line with the State, we are now requiring students to get a complete physical examination before they take part in competitive athletics at the start of their freshman and junior years; if they are a new student; or have had any recent serious injury or illness. Since, in many cases, it is easier and more economical to have a physical exam through a person’s family doctor, we have not set aside any specific dates for physicals with the school doctor – but students will need to have proof of a physical clearing them from athletic competition in their freshman and junior years.
  2. Be registered in the Emergency Contact Section of the MCI Powerschool Portal. Instructions for registering are included on the Athletics page of the MCI website. All MCI student/athletes must be registered in this portal by their parents or legal guardians. Information must be updated annually as necessary. Students must be registered in this portal in order to participate in practices or competitions. Please include all insurance information with the student’s Sportsware registration. All student-athletes must have medical insurance, and the insurance must be in force before any on-field/on-court participation of any kind takes place. If a student-athlete does not have medical insurance, MCI has information available in the athletic office on a student accident insurance plan that can be purchased at a discounted rate. 

  3. Parents and student-athletes must sign the training & eligibility agreement statements acknowledging they have read the student-athlete handbook and are aware of the training and eligibility rules for both the MPA and MCI. We will check eligibility once the coach submits a list of names. Remember...checking eligibility is our responsibility; remaining eligible is yours.
  4. ImPACT Concussion Baseline Evaluation – All student/athletes must take an ImPACT Baseline Concussion Management Evaluation test before their freshman and junior years. Testing will be administered in the computer lab of the Cianchette Math & Science Building at various points during the summer and school year. This testing takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Certified Athletic Trainer

MCI employs a Certified Athletic Trainer who will be available at nearly all home athletic contests. The athletic trainer will have office hours around these duties and those hours will be posted in Wright Gymnasium. Students who require additional services from the athletic trainer should use these office hours to schedule and receive those services.

Academic Eligibility Rules

We recognize and abide by all Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) eligibility rules and add the following academic requirements for Maine Central Institute. This policy applies to all interscholastic athletic offerings, instrumental jazz, vocal jazz, jazz combo and drama groups.

To be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities, a student enrolled at MCI must be taking a minimum of six (6) academic courses and have achieved a minimum passing grade (60) in all courses.

Home-school students attempting to participate in extracurricular activities at MCI must complete the following steps before being granted permission to participate:

  • Submit a request in writing to the MCI Headmaster at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the school year.
  • Have their Homeschool Educational Plan approved by the MCI Head of School.
  • Submit proof they are residents of one of the towns served by Maine Central Institute.
  • Agree to abide by all other policies and regulations governing extra-curricular participation at Maine Central Institute. The policies and regulations include, but are not limited to: academic eligibility, required paperwork and concussion testing requirements, transportation, and standards of conduct.

If a student is declared ineligible because of incomplete grade(s), the student will remain ineligible until the work has been made up and a passing grade has been officially recorded with the registrar and the athletic director.

A student who loses his/her eligibility because of failures in the final ranking period (quarter) of a given school year may still participate with respect to co-curricular activities until the mid-quarter grade check (approximately four [4] weeks into the school year). If, at that time, the student’s grade are up to standard, the student will be able to continue to participate. If the student has not met the academic eligibility requirements by the four week point, then he/she will be suspended from co-curricular participation for the remainder of the first quarter.

An approved summer school course(s) may be used to restore eligibility lost during the final ranking period (quarter) of a school year. The approved summer school course(s) would be added to other earned credits of the immediately preceding ranking period (quarter).

Maine Principals’ Association Bona Fide Team Rule

A member of a school team is a student athlete who is regularly present for and actively participates in team practices and competitions. Bona fide members of a school team are prevented from missing high school practices or competitions to compete or practice elsewhere.

A single waiver per student athlete per sport season may be granted by the principal on a case-by-case basis for extraordinary circumstances. (e.g. if a student/athlete were invited to participate in a prestigious weekend event then a waiver may be granted. If a student athlete were invited to participate in a nationally recognized tournament over a school vacation than that waiver may be granted for that activity. If a student requests to miss practice every Friday because s/he is receiving specialized coaching from an outside team/coach, then a waiver should not be granted because it violates the spirit and intent of the rule.

This policy is not intended to restrict dual sport participation in schools that allow dual participation.

Penalty for Violation of this policy:

  • 1st Offense: Suspension from play for one game/contest
  • 2nd Offense: Removal from Team for remainder of season.


Training Rules and Standards of Conduct

Citizenship: All participants in MCI athletic programs should understand that as a member of any athletic team, the student/athlete is representing the school, his/her parents, his/her friends, his/her relatives, the community, his/her coaches, and himself/herself.

The MCI Student/Athlete’s actions should reflect this at all times, on and off the field/court. The use of inappropriate language, unwarranted behavior toward officials, other players or coaches could result in suspension or expulsion from the individual’s team.

Offenses will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by School and Athletic Administration and Coaches.

Dress Code: 
All participants in the athletic program are expected to follow the dress code as designated by their coach when traveling to and from away games. Behavior and appearance when representing the school as a member of the traveling squad should always be of the highest caliber.

Team Travel: 
All participants must travel to and from all events with the coach and team in transportation provided by MCI. Any changes or requests for alternate travel must be made with the athletic director in writing prior to leaving MCI. Students will never be allowed to leave a game, match or competition of any kind with anyone other than their immediate parent(s)/guardian.

MCI Drug/Alcohol Policy: 
The MCI Campus is to be drug and alcohol free. MCI reserves the right to search a student, his/her possessions, locker and vehicle at any time based on reasonable suspicion. Any student who, while school is in session or at any school-sponsored event/function, is under the influence of, ingested, used, or in possession of drugs/alcohol/unauthorized prescription drugs, or drug paraphernalia will face harsh and immediate consequences. A student in residence at MCI is prohibited from using drugs/alcohol at any time.

All MCI students participating in athletics are covered 24 hours a day while in season. MCI reserves the right to test a student for illegal substances. Tobacco and any electronic delivery system (e.g.vaping) are considered a drug under this policy.

Violations of the Drug/Alcohol Policy will result in the following (these are the athletic consequences for violation of the policy and do not include any consequences incurred as a result of an MCI Disciplinary Hearing for the same offense):

  • First Violation: A 10-day suspension from the Interscholastic Activity (no practice, no games/competitions).
  • Second Violation: A second violation during the same school year will result in a suspension of athletic privileges for the remainder of that school year.
  • Subsequent Violations: Consequences for MCI student/athletes with two or more drug/alcohol policy violations during their time as MCI will be handled through the Hearing Process. 

Involvement with the Law: 
When an MCI student/athlete is involved with the police due to illegal use or illegal involvement with alcohol or illicit drugs, the MCI Drug/Alcohol policy will apply. When an athlete is involved with the police in any other way, the MCI will determine athletic eligibility. The Athletic Department policy and School policy are the same regarding involvement with the Law.

Attendance and Participation: 
Attendance at school is mandatory for any athlete who wants to participate in athletics on a regular basis. The following rules apply to all athletes at Maine Central Institute.

  • In order to participate in a practice/game, a student must be in school for at least a half day on the day of that practice/game. Excused absences due to medical appointments, family emergencies, etc. will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Administration, upon consideration of the nature of the absence, may permit practice/game attendance and/or participation for a student absent on the day of a practice/game.

 Vacation Practice Policy: 
All athletic activities practice and play through school vacations and holidays. If student athletes are going to be absent during that time there may be a playing-time penalty when they return. The coach involved will outline the individual team policy prior to the start of the season. The usual equation is sitting out the number of games for practice days or practice games missed. Commitment to the team and fairness to the remaining squad members are the basic reasons for the policy.

Dual Sport Participation

Athletes who desire to participate in two sports within a single athletic sport season (fall, winter or spring) are eligible to do so if the following requirements are met:

  1. The student/athlete has an overall grade point average of 90 or better.
  2.  The student/athlete is a sophomore, junior or senior at MCI (freshman students are prohibited from participation in two sports during a single athletic sport season).
  3. One of the athletic programs desired must have an individual component (cross country, golf, indoor/outdoor track, rifle) or the student/athlete must be a specialist in the other sport.
  4.  The coaches of both sports agree to allow the student/athlete to participate in both sports.

If allowed, the dual sport participant must maintain his/her overall GPA of 90 or better throughout the impacted sport season. Failure to do so will result in the student/athlete being forced to select and continue in a single athletic program during that season.

Equipment Policies and Procedure

There is a distinct need for all coaches and athletes to be aware of, and follow the policies and procedures for equipment and uniforms used for our athletic program in the areas of: issuance; use; care; cleaning; repair; return; inventory; and storage. A summary of equipment and/or uniforms issued to athletes should be given to the director of athletics prior to the first contest.

Student/Athletes who do not return their uniforms and issued equipment at the conclusion of the season will be billed for uniforms/equipment. Senior who do not return uniforms/issued equipment will not march at commencement until the uniforms/equipment have been returned.

Each head coach must be responsible for the security of all the equipment and uniforms connected with his/her activity. All equipment and uniforms should be inventoried within one (1) week of the last game of the season, on forms provided by the director of athletics. This includes all equipment and uniforms whether issued or not. It is vital that the equipment inventory is accurate and up-to-date so that a budget can be built correctly and soundly.


  • The procedure for issuing equipment/uniforms will be guided by the “Equipment Issue Form” provided by the director of athletics. The coach will issue equipment/uniforms directly to his/her team members, who will then be responsible for the care and cleaning of the equipment/uniform.
  • All names of athletes, as well as sizes and/or inventory numbers, will be recorded on these forms.


Care and Cleaning, Repair and Reconditioning:

At the end of the season, each coach is to carefully evaluate the condition of his/her equipment. If he/she finds that it is in need of repair, cleaning, or reconditioning, he/she is to notify the athletic director, who will make arrangements for this to be done.

Lost Equipment: 
If or when any equipment/uniform is lost or not returned, the following will occur:

  • All awards, grades and eligibility to participate will be withheld until all equipment has been returned or paid for.
  • No further equipment, in any sport, will be issued until all equipment has been returned or paid for.
  • Notices are to be mailed directly to the parents upon learning that the equipment is lost or not returned.


Return of Equipment by Student/Athletes:  All equipment and uniforms will be returned promptly after the season. No coach is to allow his/her players to keep any equipment or uniforms beyond the season

  • As each student/athlete returns equipment, it should be checked off against the “Equipment Issue Form” to be certain that the same equipment is turned in that was issued.
  • If the same equipment/uniform is not returned, then the procedure for lost equipment is to be followed.

Awards - Letter and Certification Requirements

The first year that an athlete meets the requirements of the varsity sport in qualifying for a letter, s/he will be awarded a varsity letter and certificate.

For every letter the athlete earns in his/her remaining high school years, in any sport, s/he will receive a varsity letter certificate. Thus, only one physical varsity letter will be awarded an athlete with a varsity certificate being awarded each subsequent time that athlete meets the requirements for earning a varsity letter.

To earn a varsity letter a student/athlete must participate in a majority of his/her team’s competitions during the season and/or have made a significant contribution to the team or program in some other way.

Required Paperwork

The PDF and link at the top of the page contain the REQUIRED paperwork for all MCI Student/Athletes to fill out each year. Please read and complete the following forms in their entirety.

These forms may also be filled out digitally here on the Parent Portal of MCI Powerschool (insurance and emergency contact information).