Athletic Hall of Fame

MCI's Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 2010.  The criteria for selecting an individual for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame are based on one or more of the following:  outstanding athletic achievement at MCI; outstanding athletic achievement beyond MCI; outstanding contribution to the MCI athletic program; meritorious service to the MCI athletic program.

The Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony takes place during Homecoming Week. A schedule of Homecoming events, including the Hall of Fame, will be posted when available.

Please click here to submit a nomination for MCI's Athletic Hall of Fame.

2019 Inductees: Inductee Bios
Amanda Asaro ’08
Samuel Marzenell ’99
Becky Vaughan Walker ’93
John Wilcox ’89

2018 Inductees: Inductee Bios
Andrea Cianchette Maker ’75
Jethro Ferguson ’92
Emily Walker Anderson ’94
Andrew St. Clair ’02

2017 Inductees:  Inductee Bios
Ronald Friend ’65
William LaBarge ’67
Stephanie Shaw ’91
Susan Staples ’81
Stanley Wyman ’46

2016 Inductees: Inductee Bios
Dalen Mills ’66
Pamela Newhouse Dufour ’77
Michael Susi ’75

2015 Inductees: Inductee Bios
Martha Beverage Black ’83
David Fernald ’58
DerMarr Johnson ’99
Tom Savage ’64

2014 Inductees:
Nels Corey (posthumous)
Patricia Rodgers Skaling ’63
Khano Smith ’99
Peter Susi ’65

2013 Inductees:
Karoldene Martin Barnes ’65
Ralph Damren ’64
Thaxter Trafton ’56
Clint Williams ’86

2012 Inductees:
Paul Bertrand ’59
Roderic Smith (posthumous)
Beth Staples ’82
Archie Tracy ’60

2011 Inductees:
Nancy Beverage Hughes ’87
Paul Legge (posthumous)
George Newhouse ’54
Julie Treadwell

2010 Inductees:
Caron Butler ’00
Albert Card ’49
Skip Chappelle ’58
Max Good ’61
Tookie Russell (posthumous)
Bruce Stafford ’65

MCI's 2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

group photo od MCI's 2019 Hall of Fame Class

Our 2018 Inductees

2018 Athletic Hall of Fame inductees

Our 2017 Inductees

athlete presented with plaque
athlete presented with plaque
athlete presented with plaque
athlete presented with plaque
athlete presented with plaque