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Visual Arts

student shaping cup on pottery wheel

MCI's Art Department believes that anyone can understand and apply basic visual art techniques and concepts to create images, express themselves, and analyze their own artwork as well as the work of others. Students may also prepare an art portfolio for college or freelance work opportunities.

The benefits from studying the Visual Arts are profound as students learn to:

  • Expand their general knowledge base
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Learn to manipulate two-dimensional and three-dimensional space
  • Create beauty and express thoughts and feelings
  • Analyze art in an intelligent manner

Matthew George

Art Teacher

Studying art both shapes and reveals culture. It builds a sense of community within a culture, and enables diverse cultures to understand and appreciate each other. And certainly not to be overlooked, the Visual Arts can be relaxing, therapeutic and fun. The program extends beyond the classroom with Art Club visits to museums in New England and abroad. Students compete regionally and nationally, and student art is displayed school-wide and at various art shows each year on campus and in the community.