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MCI's award-winning Music Department prepares students to be lifelong learners and lovers of music. Our musicians perform on the local, state, and national stage. Concerts, festivals, exchanges, and competitions fill the school year. We offer students courses in music theory, composition, arranging, history, digital music production, guitar and piano instruction.

Performing ensembles include Concert Band, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir (by audition), Vocal Jazz Ensemble (by audition), Instrumental Jazz Ensemble I, Instrumental Jazz Ensemble II (by audition), Jazz Combo (by audition) and Pep Band.

Students who enroll in the music program may choose or audition for a variety of options that include Concert Choir, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble. MCI has produced some of the finest musicians in the state. Every year, MCI has ranked at the top in chorus, jazz band, and concert band competitions. This has allowed us to showcase the remarkable talents of our students.

View MCI's winning performance by "Caravan" at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival on YouTube.

Visual & Performing Arts at MCI

MCI Visual Performing Arts video

Click the image to watch a short video about MCI's engaging visual and performing arts programs available to all students

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Watch Orange Colored Sky

Each of the members of MCI's vocal group Caravan recorded themselves on their own personal device playing or singing their part on the song "Orange Colored Sky" composed by Milton DeLugg and Willie Stein and recorded by many artists. Mr. Dean Neal wrote this particular arrangement specifically for Caravan. He then put all of their voices together to create the group sound. This process has many hurdles as most of the students are not used to singing alone on their part; it's a group. Nonetheless, they did a great job and with a bunch of editing by Mr. Neal it all came together.

Watch Love is Love

Thanks to Dean Neal who put this together with the MCI Concert Choir singing "Love Is Love" by Abbie Benitis. There were approximately 33 of the 63 choir members who submitted individual recordings of themselves to him prior to April vacation. He assembled all their voices to form the choir. Piano accompaniment and "Cello" are performed by Mr. Neal as well.

All of us at MCI hope this serves as a source of encouragement and support for our school communities.

students singing with microphones
student in guitar lesson
student playing grand piano