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Class Expectations

Classes will start promptly at the appointed time. Students must arrive on time and be ready to begin as scheduled. Dancers should have an accessory kit which contains the following: scissors, band aids, tape, needle and thread,icy/hot patch, bobby pins/hair net.

Dress Code

Female: Dancers must be dressed appropriately in a leotard, tights and ballet slippers (not white) for class.

Leotard colors are as follows:

Beginners - Pink

Intermediate  - Black or Navy (black leotards required for special presentations and events)

Advanced - Black spaghetti  strap and long sleeve (for colder days)

Dancers in Intermediate and Advanced levels will be allowed to wear any color leotard for classes and during rehearsals, but they must be of an appropriate, conservative style (no low cut backs). Long sleeve leotards are encouraged during the winter, so that dancers can keep warm without the need for additional layers that can interfere with the teaching process.

Intermediate and Advanced dancers will need a black ballet skirt for exams and demonstrations.  Beginners through Level 1 should not wear skirts.

Hair must be in a bun (or at least pulled back).

No jewelry is allowed other than stud earrings.

Male: Dancers must be dressed appropriately in a white or black t-shirt, black tights, waist belt, and shoes. Shoes, socks and shirt must match (i.e. if wearing a white t-shirt, also wear white socks and shoes).