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Bossov Ballet Theatre

Dancers in formation on stage

Bossov Ballet Theatre at MCI is both a performing company and an international pre-professional ballet school.

The Bossov troupe includes dancers of many ages and levels of experience.  Dancers who attend MCI during the school day, and qualify for the program (after auditioning), are eligible to receive full academic credit for ballet training.  All BBT students, regardless of whether or not they attend MCI, train after school and with professional dancers who come to BBT to appear in guest roles. The experience of performing on stage with large casts of older and younger dancers is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring dancers.

New this year, BBT at MCI will also be offering drop-in classes in addition to the full program.  This option will allow students to take drop-in classes on a pay-as-you-go model.  However, students choosing the drop-in option will not be eligible to participate in any performances.  Students will still need to register for the drop-in option and audition for placement.

BBT Curriculum

  • Ballet Technique (Vaganova)
  • Pointe (full class en pointe including bar work and center work)
  • Men's Technique
  • Variations
  • Character
  • Partnering
  • Acting / Theater
  • Pilates

Notifications and Cancellations

If MCI classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, all ballet classes will also be cancelled. Cancellations are listed on MCI’s website, MCI's Facebook page, and on local television morning news during the school year.

Ballet-specific information will be listed here. You can also contact BBT at