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Arts and BBT

MCI’s visual and performing arts education is taught by highly qualified teachers who partner with community professionals to bring robust instruction and hands-on experience to our students. With a history of awards and achievement across all our groups and programs, MCI is known locally and nationally as a premier destination for artistic expression and studies.


Instrumental and choral music is a staple of our performing arts curriculum, with over 11 courses dedicated to Concert and Jazz Band, Concert and Jazz Choir, Piano, Music Production, Guitar, and more. Every student will find their own instrument, voice, or form of musical expression to effectively communicate their music and talents on stages big and small.



Bossov Ballet Theatre

Bossov Ballet Theatre is a pre-professional performing company that is world-renowned for its quality and excellence. All BBT students train after school with professional dancers who come to BBT to appear in guest roles. The experience of performing on stage with large casts is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring dancers.


Bossov ballet theatre

Visual Arts

Our visual arts department believes that anyone can create images, express themselves, and analyze their own artwork as well as the work of others. Students also have the chance to prepare an art portfolio for college or freelance work opportunities.



visual arts 

The nature of artistry is the need to express through creation... And it is mutual, the audience also has the need to witness the beauty of art. Without art our souls would be empty. Art gives as an inspiration, helps us dig deeper within ourselves and our feelings... it teaches us to recognize beauty.”

- Natalya Getman
artistic director of Bossov Ballet Theatre


MCI’s Theater Arts Program encourages students new to performing or experienced thespians to audition for our performances in the fall and spring of the school year. In addition to stage performance, the drama program is an opportunity for students to work with visual arts and technical skills.