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Visual and Performing Arts Education at MCI

MCI’s award-winning music, visual arts, and theater programs offer performance and non-performance opportunities for students of all skill levels and of diverse interests and talents. Our visual arts program enhances self-expression and an appreciation of art through instruction of various media. MCI’s pre-professional ballet theatre group, Bossov Ballet Theatre, provides ballet students the experience of learning from and performing with dancers from all over the world.

MCI’s visual and performing arts education classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who partner with community professionals to bring robust and comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience for our students. Our expert instructors are supportive, positive and encouraging, and our many awards are proof: in 2018, MCI Jazz Vocal Ensemble, Caravan, earned first place at the Berklee College of Music High School Jazz Festival as well as music awards throughout Maine and New England, our drama class has been recognized for excellence and our art students participate and often win top recognitions at state and national exhibitions.

Digital Music Studio video

Below are music clips that were mixed and mastered using MCI's recording studio before MCI transitioned to online learning in March 2020. MCI's instrumental jazz groups had the first ever recording session in the Visual and Performing Arts Education Center, and students recorded for three hours, resulting in nine songs recorded by three groups.

Walk Don't Run

Summer Samba

Love Your Community