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Featured Alumni

Every month we take the time to reach out to our many distinguished and established alumni to see what they have been up to recently or since their time at MCI has come to an end. Whether it's familiar faces to the MCI community or stories you may not have heard, our Featured Alumni will be cycled out regularly and filed away into our Featured Alumni Archive, which you can find below.

Joo Yi '98

Joo Yi, Class of 1998, has had many stops on her journey. From learning the world of business analysis, to applying that knowledge to the gaming industry in South Korea, China, and more, we checked in with Joo to see what role MCI has played in her success.

joo yi '98

Erin Fitts '02

As a student at MCI, Erin Fitts '02 never took her time on our campus for granted. After traveling halfway across the world, Fitts has found her home at Maine Central Institute and hopes that current and future students alike learn to appreciate the school as much as she has.

erin fitts '02

Jack Mosher '83

After dedicating his life to both the armed forces and advocacy for veterans and their families, Jack Mosher '83 is now utilizing his MCI and Maine roots to provide therapeutic recreation for those in need.

jack  mosher '83