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March 2022

Class of 1960

Michael Robinson is happily retired on the Gulf Coast of Florida and fondly remembering years at MCI.

Class of 1962

From Preston Carter: Last year, I retired after 50 years working in the US Army Healthcare system, 25 years active duty followed by another 25 years as a civilian general surgeon at Madigan, the Army hospital serving the west coast, located near Seattle.  Fulfilling a longtime dream, Beth and I returned home to Maine, and are now living in Etna, pending a move this summer to our new retirement home in Blue Hill.  With two grown sons, two grandchildren, and continued good fortune with our health, life is good.  We look forward to reconnecting with friends and family in New England, and at MCI reunions!

Class of 1964

Carole Daily Vigue is enjoying time with her family.  She’s presently “maple syruping” and looking forward to camp time.

Georgie Brown Farrin is having fun with her 8 grandchildren and her new dog, Winston.  Ron is lending a helping hand to their neighbors.

Ralph Damren and Roberta moved to the Pittsfield countryside, and he still finds time to referee area sports events.

Bonnie McGaffin Baker,  in Rhode Island, still has time to do her hospice work, but hasn’t gone to the new gambling enterprise at the end of her formerly quiet street.

Speaking of Bonnie, she was one of 3 girls that went to school in Portland in 1964.  Pat Elkins Pratt, Joan Vanderveer Gould, and I went to school after graduation.  Pat, Joan and I went to Golden School of Beauty Culture (some of the original Golden Girls).  Bonnie headed to Plus Grey School of Business.  Hamburgers were 18 cents! – that’s right – 18 cents each back in the day!

Joan Venderveer Gould is living in NH, and has retired from a hairdresser career and her career as an RN.  She has two grandsons and still enjoys the White Mountains.

Patricia “Patty” Elkins Pratt is also retired, lives in sunny Florida and enjoys zipping around in her red golf cart.

Frank “Tom” and Anne Haseltine now live in Pittsfield and remodeled the old homestead.  Tom is busy training a black lab puppy for his grandson.

Mark Hodgkins will be returning to their camp in Maine.

Steve Barnes is presently in Florida and plans to come north to visit for the summer.  He has seen Ben Doody and Jeff Hathorn.  Jeff informed Steve that Hathorn Park in downtown Pittsfield will be having some special upcoming events.

Robert “Bob” Mercier and I chatted recently.  He is planning a new move coming up.

Jane Woodcock Woodruff is busy with family and still has time to help the town out.  Janie found time to help the Hartland Children Fund find pairs of ice skates for children without them

Greg Wright and his wife also helped the Hartland Children Fund with years of support.  They brought bags of new toys and clothes – so far up to 173 children have been helped.  There are so many caring, kind people – so happy to know them.

Rae Philbrick is in Florida and enjoyed a recent visit from her son and grandsons.  Rae is planning on coming north fairly soon.

Carolyn Dutil Belanger still finds time to help out your class agent.  Carolyn and husband Buzz have a “cutie pie” granddaughter.

Dorothy Creasy Ackerman has 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.  Dot lives in Pittsfield.

Linda Vanadestine Bell is also in Florida.

Marlene Hunt Ward is in Florida, but will be heading north later this year.

Donna Brooks Rolfe is planning to go camping with family again.  She has 2 children, 2 great grandchildren, and a cute little dog.

Crystal Hunt Cyr and husband Arthur plan to open their antique shop in Burnham.  They have 8 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Mike Vigue is still working at his Pittsfield business.

Two of our classmates are outside of the U.S.: Rosalie Small O’Shea is in MacKay Queensland, Australia and Jim Scribner is in British Columbia, Canada – far away, but not forgotten!

Joe and Karoldene Barnes moved to Pittsfield recently.  Joe still flies and is hoping to go up country fishing.  Joe plans to go “maple syruping” with Karoldene’s family.

Edward Toulouse has retired from school teaching (twice!) and now spends time gardening, canning, and having fun with his 5 grandchildren.

Richard Withee is still teaching history and English in Chicago at a 2000-student high school.  Impressive!

Frank Chaffin is “enjoying every day of my retirement. Every day above ground is a great day!” 

Ron Kinney is currently wintering in Panama City Beach Florida with long time friends. Then on to Myrtle Beach SC for more R and R before returning to Connecticut. Wondering if Skip Ettinger will remember our long ago adventures in Myrtle Beach? Last year was a little rough as my last sibling, sister Peg Kinney Thompson class of 1955, passed away. Her children Tammy Thompson Vuocolo and Eric Thompson are MCI alums, as was her departed son Scott Thompson. We all miss them greatly. I broke an ankle that took 5 months to rehab but recently was able to play 9 holes of golf. Score not available for publishing but it was truly enjoyable. Life goes on and is still all good!

Linda Snowdeal Brown says hi to all.  She was very blessed this past December that all their family was together for the first time since 2004.  Linda and her husband Pat have four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Lowell Martin on his farm in Cambridge, is getting ready for another planting season – he grows excellent tomatoes!

Glenda McMann Weymouth and George enjoy time spent with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Rita Flood Bubar called from Florida.  She came to Maine for Christmas to see her family, and will be back in Maine for the summer.  She is treasurer of the condo where she lives, and has been vice president.

Hope all of you and yours have happy and healthy months ahead!

Barbara Vigue Day

Class Agent

Class of 1966

Winter and wind from Penobscot Bay continue to have an impact on the weather here in Rockport, Maine as the pandemic begins to loosen its grip. And now the concern for Ukraine and the price of "the potential continued threat of war" takes its place. However, I have some news to share from classmates with hopes of putting a positive spin on this weird and frightening world of the current times.

Anna Parker is slowly settling into living back in Portland at Park Danforth. Learning her way around the city was a challenge at first, as is living in a much smaller space. After spending some time in hospital at Maine Medical Center, a knowledgeable therapist got her on track with her oxygen therapy and usage of her CPAP machine. She feels that correct, night time usage has made a big difference in how clear she mentally feels during the day. She loves being near her daughter and family.

A post from Tom and Judy Webster in Glochester, Mass seem to indicate that their attempts at retirement are not totally in the books yet.  Tom had shared pictures of huge fish caught off shore last fall.  But then during one of those powerful winter noreasters, he had a tough time in the middle of the night while out sanding the roads. Tom, glad you didn't get hurt–what happened to the truck?

Dalen and Liz Mills call periodically to check on me.  They had an enjoyable time away from their Port Orange, FL home to tour Charlestown, SC earlier this year.  Sounds like they are planning a cruise on the west coast with Norby and Chris Young in April.  Let's hear about it?

Norby has continued his weekly trips from Duck Cove in Tremont to Pittsfield to oversee the restoration of Powers Hall. Last fall, he toured Anna Parker and I about campus to see some of the tremendous work being done there.

Linda Abbot Morgan and I are currently communicating our ups and downs as both of us are in cancer care.  Linda reports that she's doing better on a new treatment plan. She's glad to be living in Oakwood, GA in her walk-in apartment near family.

After being in long term remission with non-hodgkins lymphoma since 2003, I was re-diagnosed at the beginning of this year.  I am lucky to be right around the corner from my younger brother, who now lives on the family farm where I grew up.  Greg (Class of '65) lives in Lincolnville and Chris (Class of '67) is in Union.  I'm minutes away from Penobscot Bay Medical Center where I'll be receiving my chemotherapy for the next 5 months.  My life partner of the last 3 years, Dr. Peter Giustra, has been instrumental in me getting the best care I could possibly receive close to my own home.

I'm proud to say my friend Rex Fowler is making his mark in the music world with his wife Dodie. Hopefully, we'll all be at reunion this summer.

Please let me know what you're up to, classmates. Or you can send directly to the Alumni Office at MCI. Stay Safe!

Vicki Boetsch

Class agent

From Dalen Mills: Just an update.  There is some waxing philosophically in my update that just seems appropriate in this day and age.  Liz and I are still, so far, able to drive back and forth to SW Harbor in the spring and Port Orange, Fl in the fall.  Now when we are asked “how are you doing?” we say we're VERTICAL!  And at our ages that is a goal every night when our heads hit the pillows.   So far so good!  Liz and I will be married 21 years on May 25 and of all the blessings I have, next to my children, she is at the top of the list. Most of my friends who know me and have met Liz have wondered why she hasn’t killed me?  You’d have to ask her because I have no idea why myself.  Also, I’ve been blessed to have two hometowns, in Pittsfield and SW Harbor.  The 3 years of MCI morphed into many lifetime friendships in Pittsfield that I still cherish and certainly in SW Harbor where I lived and worked most of my life.   As the years have passed I can’t tell you how much I value these lifetime friendships that have grown and flourished over the years in both SWH and Pittsfield.  It is abundantly clear to me as I have aged that it’s relationships that matter more now and the material things I strived for in my early years aren’t nearly as important.  It’s about health and friendships and not things.  And as for today?   Liz and I are in reasonably good health. Death and taxes come to mind when I write the following.  We’ve all lost more than a few friends in the past few years and all of the class of ‘66 are in the same boat as we are losing, and have lost, friends, classmates and family members.      Both Liz and I are looking forward to being able to connect to friends and family when we are back in SW Harbor for our 5 months there.  The biggest drawback to that is the close to 3 1/2 million of our closest friends who visit Mt. Desert Island in the summer months.  Try to find a parking space!  And all on single lane highways that were never intended to have wall to wall tourists. It’s a challenge for sure. Hey, be well, stay involved in our country and don’t hesitate to let those we vote for know how you/me feel about things. All of us have a role to play in our government if we choose to. Speak up!!!!

Class of 1970

Bill Cunningham wrote: On Sunday Feb 6, 2022, at age 70 I skied in my first cross country ski race since sophomore year at Bates College back in 1972. I was a cross country skier on the MCI ski team during each of my four years there. This was the Annual Caribou Bog Race held in Orono Maine. It was a nice size race with a mass start of thirty-five 9K racers and twenty-four 18 K racers of mixed ages, genders and skills on a cold, clear, windless day with excellent snow conditions. It took me 57 minutes and a few seconds to cover the 9K (5.6 miles) fairly flat course through woods and across the large frozen Caribou Bog. This race time got me a "Silver Medal," second place in my 70 to 79 age group and the 18th finishing spot in the overall race. Needless to say, I was very happy with this result and happy I could still  do this high energy sport at a not too slow of pace and not feel too sore afterwards! My MCI ski team coach Bob Borelis sure taught me well!

Wendy Murdock Esposito wrote: A lot changed in our life in 2021. I lost my mother at the age of 94. She was living with us and we were able to care for her until the end. That was a wonderful thing for both of us. Needless to say, she is missed. That and the pandemic and our own age caused us to take a look at our own life and how Espo and I want to move forward. Let's not forget we had a 51st class reunion. That alone got me thinking. We may have looked good at the party, you should see us try to get up in the morning. So, we are figuring out how to semi-retire from our business. Being an artist and creating pottery is what we are passionate about. It is easy to walk to work and be creative together. That we will continue, only on a smaller scale. No more walking up hills, across fields in 98 degrees, wind, rain and cold to sell pots under a tent at 29 shows a year. This old lady's back and feet don't want that any more. We have also stopped wholesale. We are planning to keep our storefront open a few days a week and have fun creating what we feel like. Visit us here at Unity Pond Pottery. The rest of the time we plan to go camping and explore our beautiful state of Maine and have more free time to enjoy the lake we live on. We started our "bucket list" of places across the country that we have always wanted to have time to see. Hard to believe we are the "older generation" now. Better grab that energy drink and MiraLAX and get going. I am excited about this next stage in my life. Watch for my "go fund me" page. 

Your friend and classmate, Wendy

From David England: Last summer was an eventful summer. Our class celebrated our 50th +1 class reunion, which I thought was a great success. It was fun catching up with friends. There were a number of classmates in attendance that had not been back to school since graduation. I also took the big plunge into retirement and sold my plumbing business which I had been operating for 42 years. Having a love for being out on the water, I landed a job as a deckhand on a seasonal passenger ferry that runs from Jamestown to Newport RI. 

Susan and I are still living in the island community of Jamestown, RI. which is located in the lower portion of Narragansett Bay. 

If you find yourself in our area, please feel free to give me a call. Deckhand Dave can be reached at (401) 639-0509.

Class of 1973

From Sue England: 

Greetings Classmates,

I hope you are well and looking ahead to summer and all the family times and activities that the warm weather brings. 

I am aware that Richard (Dick) Davis retired last fall and Brenda Neal in March. Congratulations to you both. Enjoy your well deserved retirement. 

I am saddened to write of the passing in October of classmates Terry Bishop and William (Bill) Glencross. Both will be missed by many. 

David and I enjoyed his 51st class reunion last August which was a shared event with the class of 1971 who celebrated their 50th. It was great catching up with a number of 1973 classmates as well as friends from 1970-76. 

Our 50th class reunion will be held August 4-6 2023. Mark your calendars so you can join in the events. Please use this link Update Your Information - 2020 Maine Central Institute ( to update your mailing and email addresses. As always you can contact me at or the Alumni Office at If you haven't already, please join our class Facebook page - MCI Class of '73. 

Best wishes to you all,


Class of 1974

From Debbie Morra Lemus: Retired Registered Nurse, volunteer tax preparer, nana of 4, happily married in California, recently traveled to Big Island and Manzanillo, MX

Vera Lloyd Bryant wrote: I retired from Cianbro in 2020 after 30 years in the IT department. Kevin and I are enjoying our retirement life. Our children live in the Augusta area. Maggie works as a wellness coach at Maine General. Douglas is an engineer at CPM Construction in Freeport. We enjoy going to bluegrass festivals and spending time with family. 

Class of 1976

Hello to you all - classmates of '76,

My name is Charlie Tryder and I have volunteered to be the class rep for the class of '76 at MCI. I hope this email finds you and your loved ones well.

As I think most of you know, Donald Hallenbeck sadly passed away this past year, and he has handled this job for years. We will miss him, no doubt. I will miss my occasional conversation or email exchange with Donald, and I suspect those of you who stayed in touch with him will as well. I will do my best to carry on for Donald. 

Part of the class rep's job is to gather information to share with the alumni office for their MCI ALUMNUS magazine which is mailed out once or twice a year. I always enjoy getting my mailing and reading about what you are all up to...I am happy to say that I have reconnected with a number of you and I would love to reconnect with more. 

You will hear more from me in the coming months, but for right now, I am hoping that you will share any new developments in your life that you would like your classmates and fellow alumni to know about. Grandchildren? A move to a different community? New professional ventures? Or in my case, retirement? Plans to visit the Pittsfield area? Let me know and I will share with the Alumni Office for their publications. 

I will be in touch in the near future with other notifications and thoughts. I would love to see our class have more representation at reunions and other MCI functions. Hopefully you will share information with me to share with the MCI community at large, but even if you just want to catch up, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you all. 

Take care. 

Charlie Tryder

(207) 256-7114

Class of 1979

From Ann Cianchette: I left my 8-5 job working on the staff of Keller Williams Realty Maine at the end of September after 2 crazy years.  Took my first post-pandemic vacation and visited  my oldest son in CA.  And I am back to selling real estate as my only job which is super flexible so I’m looking forward to lot s of time in Unity this summer and hope you all will visit! I also love selling Central Maine properties in the summer so call me if you need my help! Cheers to 2022!

From Dianne Marcoux Libby: I have made a big move. I am now living in Morehead City, North Carolina. It’s a hop, skip and jump from Atlantic Beach. So beautiful here and no snow and much warmer! My daughter and family also moved here and I’m loving spoiling my grandbabies, Katelyn 9, Teagan 7 and Tyler 2. A few times a year I fly to California to visit my other daughter and family to spoil Enzo 5 and Finn 4.

From Kathy Kelley: I left Sebasticook Valley Hospital after 5 years and have joined with Northern Light, Home Care and Hospice as a Home Health Nurse. I am enjoying it immensely! I am finding myself caring for people that I know, and it gives them great relief to see a familiar face in this crazy world we are living in, where healthcare is such a challenge. I so enjoy hearing from you all, looking forward to seeing you in person!

From Eric Witham: We still live in ND, changed jobs a few times due to COVID and oil prices.  It was bitter cold winter here this year.  The wind was so bad once it took down part of our fence.  We have four dogs now, 3 golden retrievers and one Aussie.  The newest being 10 weeks old.  It is starting to warm up now and As of Jan 3rd, I started a new job and am loving it.

Jim Richmond (from his wife Lois Pease Richmond `78) Jim retired in December of 2020 only to return to work for another company in January of 2022 as Vice President of Strategic Accounts and Commercial Operations, Americas for Medela.  He is back to traveling but when he is home his heart belongs to our only grandchild, Olivia Doll Thomas, who is an absolute delight and her Papa’s shadow.

Class of 1992

Sean Callahan reports that he is losing all his hair and what he does have left, is turning gray. Despite getting older, losing his memory and fighting off daily aches and pains, he is living his best life living on Sebago Lake, traveling and spending time with close friends from MCI. He is looking forward to seeing the rest of the Classmates from ’92 and catching up on all our latest ailments. 

Class of 1999

Shannon Davis Ring wrote: Celebrated 10 years with Manpower on Halloween 2021!  Hope all are well and happy!

Faye Mack wrote: I am currently teaching a third and fourth grade combination classroom at Fort O'Brien Elementary School in Machiasport, Maine. I coach cross country and softball. I have a 9 year old (Jade) and a 13 year old (Kai). They are both fantastic human beings excelling at life and school! I recently got engaged to Joseph Costa from Martha's Vineyard and we are planning our wedding for Labor Day weekend this year. We are incredibly happy, healthy and grateful.

December 2021

Class of 1952

Robert Benoit ’52 passed away November 30, 2021

Class of 1959

Brenda Quiet writes, "I'm writing to inform you of my husband's death on 12/6/2020.  Harold Quiet '59 leaves behind wife Brenda Davis Quiet of 60 years and 2 sons, Dave Quiet (and his son Sam serving in the Army in Germany) and Duane Quiet and wife Mary Raynes.  He was predeceased by son Derek Quiet '86.  Harold worked for J.J. Nissen's Baking Co. for 41 years and loved to fish, hunt and travel.”  

Donna Richardson Glenn emailed:  “We are all well here in AZ. We had three granddaughters get married this last year so our family keeps growing.   We now have one great grandchild.  It's been a few years since our last trip to Maine so I am looking forward to another visit next summer. I still have two sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces and nephews, cousins and friends back there. Maine will always have a special place in my heart and MCI”.

Al Walker emailed:  “Hi Jim (Red), Bob Therrien and I attended the reunion this past July, and had a great weekend.  Played in the golf tournament, enjoyed swapping stories with members of the class of '59.  Right now with the colder weather and holidays coming up, my wife and I look forward to heading to Florida for the winter.   Hope to see you at next summer's reunion.  Best Regards.”

Nancy Ross emailed:  “Hi Red, This sounds insignificant but here goes. Nancy Ross, Cameron, and Martha Menedez Mourkas met recently for lunch. We hope to have Sophia Kellis and Donna Richardson Glenn return next summer for a summer visit and possibly attend MCI summer reunion. Friendships that last over 60 years should be celebrated. The class of 1959 has many of those friendships.”  

Class of 1963

Pat Rodgers Skaling writes that she and her husband will be heading out to Utah for the holidays to visit with their daughter and family in Salt Lake City. She adds that one of their granddaughters is a senior and working with college applications. Their other granddaughter is a sophomore in high school. Their son lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Their older grandson is a freshman at Stanford and the younger one is a junior in high school. Sounds like a proud grandmother to me. She is looking forward to getting together for our 60th.

Ross Furman writes that he also is in the lodging and retreat business but in the area of Eastport. You can reach him at

Thank you,

Marcia Hodson, Janet Viger Bryant, Wayne Pinkham

Class agents for class of 1963

Lewis P. Barton authored and released the first book in a four-part series. According to Barton's website, Countess Athena & Godfather's Twins is the first of four books that will "illustrate one hundred and forty three years of Sicilian family life – their love and devotion, traditions, commitment and loyalty, royal families merging, wealth, survival, and crime with the first book covering the first eighty years. All these factors had an influence on the world, both in America and abroad." The book was released on November 8, 2021 by Global World Publishing Ltd. and is available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Class of 1964

We were sorry to hear of the passing of Willis Dunton.

Class of 1965

Douglas Thompson emailed:  We just enjoy being retired and the great outdoors, and watching our granddaughters make their ways in the world (ages 22 and 26).  One of the most wonderful meetings which caught me totally off-guard was seeing Skip Ettinger at an airport in the far east.  We were both on the way back to the USA.

Class of 1966

Hi Everyone!  How's the MCI Class of 1966 faring this ending of 2021? What have you been doing classmates?

I am Vicki Boetsch, and I will be the MCI Class of 1966 Agent in 2022. Anna Parker has taken a break from MCI to move to Portland, Maine. Having been uprooted three years ago myself to move back to my Boetsch Family surroundings in Rockport, Maine, I realized how difficult these life changing moves can be at our age. So I stepped up to the plate, knowing that I can't possibly  fill the shoes Anna has worn over the years as an Alumni, Trustee, and Class Agent.

In talking with the Advancement Office and Wayne Lobley, it's come to his attention that many e-mail addresses, residential addresses, and telephone numbers (as well as the whereabouts of some classmates) are missing.  If you are so inclined to let us know what, where, or how you are doing, please don't hesitate to let the Advancement office know or you can contact me directly  as follows:

Vicki Boetsch

19 Michelle Lane, Rockport, Maine 04856


Happy Holidays and the Best to all in 2022.

Class of 2010

Terra Frederick is currently in her 3rd year of her Master’s of Divinity at Boston University. Terra is a certified candidate for elder ordination in the United Methodist Church. Terra  is currently working as a Campus ambassador for Interfaith Youth Core Faith in the Vaccine program to help increase Covid-19 vaccine rates. Terra has worked with various Boston grassroots organizations and has been privileged to be recognized by the White House during the month of service vaccine effort this past June. During Terra’s time in the program she has been able to meet with Dr. Fauci and Vice President Harris as part of the ongoing work to end this pandemic.


Keep your classmates updated! If you or someone you know has news  that you'd like to share with the Alumnus magazine, you can submit your information with this form or get in touch with your class agent.