Trivia Night

Presented by the MCI Alumni Association
Date:  Saturday November 28, 2020
Start Time: 7 PM EST
Location: Virtual Event on Zoom
Co-Quizmasters: Asa Cianchette ’21 and Sherman John O’Brien’21


Trivia night

This free, fast paced, one hour trivia game will let you show off your knowledge of MCI, the arts, science, pop culture, American and world history, geography, and everything in between! You keep telling everyone you are the smartest one in the room so now’s your chance to prove it!

Advance Registration is required. There are no registration fees. Anyone who wants to be a Player must send via email their name , email address, and connection to MCI, if any (year graduated, years attended, current student, past or present faculty or staff, etc.) to the Zoom Master,  Bill  Cunningham’70 at , by 3PM EST on Sat. Nov 28 the day of the event.  He will email each Player a set of game rules and the Zoom link invitation to the game.
  • Players must be using a device (laptop, desktop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) that will transmit and receive both audio and video in order to play the game.

  • Players are not allowed to look up answers on the internet or in reference books, however Players can ask their friends or relatives who are physically present in their location/ house for help with an answer. These friends or relatives are also not allowed to look up any answers.

  • The game starts off with 7 Rounds of 5 questions with each question worth 1 point.

  • After these 7 Rounds have been completed, there will be a Bonus Round with 5 Bonus Questions worth 5 points each. Lastly, if time permits, there will be an exciting Final Jeopardy type wager question.

  • The winning Player will receive bragging rights, some nice MCI branded gifts, and their name and picture posted, if they grant permission, on the MCI and MCI Alumni Association websites and social media pages.

    Don’t miss this fun filled hour with some old and new friends from the MCI community!