Our son is a five day boarding student from Bangor, Maine who dances with the Bossov Ballet Theatre (BBT). His transition from homeschooling to MCI was seamless due to the responsive guidance counselors and teachers who guided him through. We love his dorm parents who care for him like he was one of their own. There is a real sense of family at MCI and we appreciate that he has the chance to board with so many international students. BBT is the reason our son attends MCI. This pre-professional ballet program pushes students in the dance studio, and apparently there are high expectations of them in the classroom as well since they are consistently the highest ranking academic students in the school. We are grateful that this gem of a school is in our own backyard and that our son gets pre-professional ballet training, as well as the full high school experience with in-person classroom instruction, football games, clubs - this would not be the case at most arts academies! We are fortunate that our son has the opportunity to attend MCI!
Ben Speed, Father of Noah Speed

It's been a month since Hyunji's attendance at MCI. I got a message from her yesterday. "Thank you for letting me experience MCI." She's still 15 years old, but she's doing well alone. I'm just thankful as a Mom. I think she enjoys her school life, dormitories, and weekend activities. I'm rooting for my daughter who grows her dreams in a wider and diverse MCI.  - Mother of Hyunji Lim


We sincerely appreciate the work of all the MCI staff. Our daughter is living on the campus and she is many miles from home. In a very hard situation that everyone is suffering across the globe, we especially miss her. It is very comforting to know in our hearts that our daughter is in the best hands. 
Mother of Iciar Corrales

MCI, its student body and I have been a darn good match... I teach because I love it. It's selfish, really, but that's the truth. I love working with this age group; I love the challenges; I love planning and seeing those plans develop; I love watching kids grow up and I love MCI.Tanya Kingsbury, MCI Head of World Language Department, Spanish Teacher





We sincerely thank all school teachers and staffs. We are very happy that my daughter has more confidence and pride in both mental and physical aspects of MCI life. We are grateful that Sumin lived a happy life. We think MCI's experience helped her in a really important way to live in the future. MCI life was really good and cool.  From Sumin Lee’s parents