Summer Programs

Bossov Ballet Summer Intensive

The Bossov Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive provides comprehensive Russian training (Vaganova method) with a strong emphasis on technique, pointe, partnering, variation and character. MCI holds a one-week program and a five-week program every summer for student-dancers to refine their skills and participate in a pre-professional ballet troupe.

Students audition for acceptance into the program. Click here for more information.



Students entering grade 7 to grade 12 who attend the MCI STEM Camp learn about a different theme in science, technology, engineering and math by professionals and teachers who work in that particular discipline. Students have the chance to select from a small number of activities based on the theme of the week. Morning programming will have students participate in large group themed activities with the afternoon reserved for small group activities of their choice.  The final week will involve independent and in-depth student research based upon an area of interest, and a final project/presentation will be the capstone event of the summer.


Summer Orientation and Language Immersion 

Summer Orientation and Language Immersion (SOLI) is offered in late August for international students who are new to MCI. SOLI offers two-course pathways to serve students in gaining English language proficiency, and encourage student interaction with various participatory techniques. The SOLI Cup Competition, woven into classes and evening activities, fosters an atmosphere of speaking English, friendly competition, and taking healthy risks. 

Orientation to MCI and Community:

  • Classes and experiences with MCI faculty and staff to gain comfort with the campus
  • School-year expectations in living on campus to help students establish positive routines early
  • Local excursions to experience life in Maine with built-in community-building activities

Language Immersion:

  • Daily courses in English literacy, history, and performing arts that encourage student interaction through participatory techniques such as public speaking and group work
  • Comprehensive testing to ensure students are placed appropriately for the school year


Summer Credit Recovery 

Summer Credit Recovery is a three-week program that allows students to make up work they may have missed or failed to complete in their core classes during the regular school year. Students who wish to recover credit for the first semester come for the first half of the program to complete assignments that their teachers have prepared for them, and the second half of the program is designated for the second semester credit recovery. Math and science courses are held in the mornings, and English and history courses are held in the afternoons.


Transitions Academy

Transitions Academy is a one-week program designed to introduce incoming freshmen to MCI. Students take math, English, and MCI orientation classes in the mornings, eat lunch in the dining room, familiarize themselves with campus, and take part in various enrichment opportunities to acquaint themselves with teachers and staff before upperclassmen arrive.

Afternoon activities include making movie trailers about MCI for peers who did not attend Transitions Academy, develop and publish a magazine about the incoming class, creating useful products using recyclable products, and learning hip-hop.


sleeping beauty ballet scene
students working on robot







students shooting streamers

Students shooting paper streamers to begin SOLI program

smiling students gesturing peace signs while in boat

Students building friendships as they experience Maine and learn English

students performing swan lake