Powell Library

MCI's Powell Memorial Library and Media Center is the academic hub of the school campus, where students gain access to electronic and print resources that support the curriculum and the effective use of ideas and information. The center encourages independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, and lifelong learning.

The media center provides print and electronic sources that include:

  • A collection of over 8,000 books of fiction and non-fiction that supports MCI’s curriculum
  • Online resources that include encyclopedias, full-text newspapers, streaming video, journals and periodicals, health information, and rare documents
  • Destiny, the online catalog of the library's holdings
  • Audiobooks, DVDs, and CDs
  • An expanding Manga and graphic novel collection
  • A cozy reading room for students to study quietly or read
  • Supplies like scissors, markers, glue, rulers, tape, colored pencils, and items needed for student presentations and projects

Our Tech Lab offers space for students to be creative. Our photo and video studio features professional studio backdrops and studio lighting, a 3-D printer, digital cameras, and a digital recorder. The Tech Lab also features two iMac workstations with leading edge software like Adobe PhotoShop and Creative Suite.

The Learning Commons coordinator is available throughout the school day to accommodate student needs: one-on-one writing workshops, SAT and TOEFL test prep, peer tutoring, MLA/ALA/Chicago Manual of Style formatting resources and guidance, and individual conferences for students working on Manson Essays and senior projects.

The Ella Powell Seminar Room is available for special work groups, gatherings and student performances like Ella Night, and MCI’s Manson Essays.

brick library building
students working on laptops
students working with teacher in library