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Current Dual Diploma Programs


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MCI engages a multicultural student body with diverse abilities and interests in a rigorous and comprehensive college and career preparatory experience.  In a safe and nurturing environment, students develop self-esteem, academic skills, and social responsibility to be thoughtful global citizens and lifelong learners.


Unlike international schools, who have no government obligations regarding courses to be taught, our partner Vietnamese schools are classified as bilingual schools. This means that they have the responsibility to teach the government curriculum, but they also have the opportunity to add courses once those requirements have been met. And with the exception of one or two courses, they can teach the MOET (Ministry of Education and Training) courses in English.

This allows for approximately 25% of the day to be dedicated to the “international tract” of courses should the students wish to see an outside diploma for a foreign school. They can also take courses on the weekends at their home school or a partner site. For us, College Scout has agreed to work with us for additional courses off home school site on weekends and/or during the week.

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Existing Model

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has two additional campuses – one in Spain and one in Indonesia. However, all students attending these campuses do have to do academic work at the Cambridge campus at some point before they graduate. This, too, should be a model adopted for the MCI Vietnam program where we require any participants seeking an MCI diploma to spend either a summer in a custom camp exclusively designed for them or at least one semester on our campus during the academic year.


Regardless of which entry point, the cost of the program will be $30,000 USD. Spread out over five years, the cost is $6,000 per year. We would also agree that these costs would NOT increase throughout the program. There would also be an approximate fee of $5,000 for the summer experience as previously mentioned.

Entry Points

  1. Ideally, students should enter the program at grade 6. Thus, the cost would be dispersed over 6 years at $500 USD per month, or $6,000 per year.
  2. Students can also enter at grade 10, the beginning of high school in Vietnam. Students entering at this point would have to spend 1 semester abroad in either the 1st or 2nd semester of their grade 11 year. The cost for this would be prorated and calculated NOT to exceed the $36,000 cost for the entire program.

Student Requirements

  1. Recommendation from home school administrators and teachers

  2. Report card marks an 8 average or higher.

  3. For grade 10 entry, IELTS score must be 6.0 score or TOEFL equivalent.  For grade 6 entry, students will be placed based upon ability.


Student Course Work

  1. A Humanities course with an English Language Arts emphasis.

  2. A STEM course with a mathematics emphasis.  As students move into high school, these courses may be Advanced Placement courses within the discipline of their choosing although one would have to be Humanities based and the other STEM.  Should a student wish to take more courses than those offered at the home campus, special arrangements may be made through on-line learning platforms of which an extra fee may apply.

Assumptions and Rationale

Students in grades 6-9 may have coursework more heavily weighted in the best practices of ESL until students demonstrate the necessary skills for a full immersion course. These courses were selected to enhance and support the skills required for standardized tests, such as the SAT, and to equip students with an overall lexicon for academic expression in all disciplines.

The courses will be taught on the home campuses, with bi-weekly audits from the MCI academic team using such tools as Google Classroom, Skype, and other programs to enhance communication and transparency.

Extra Student Support

  1. In 11th grade, students will have access to MCI’s International college counselor to help prepare them for the university admissions process and find the best school for each learner.

  2. Students will be provided additional resources for on-liine standardized test preparation.

  3. In summer sessions for 6th through 9th grade, students will experience language enhancement through travel and activity and focus on project-based learning with our STEM-based summer programs. This will serve to enhance their classroom experience in the following years. For high school students entering 10th grade our higher, there will be added focus on the college admissions process, standardized testing, and university campus visits.

Conditional Letters of University Acceptance

Students in this program will be granted conditional university acceptance from the following universities once they enter the program as long as they fulfill the MCI requirements and the requirements of their home school

•             Adelphi University

•             Auburn University

•             Florida International University

•             Louisiana State University

•             University of Dayton

•             University of Central Florida

•             University of Illinois, Chicago

•             The University of Kansas

•             University of South Carolina

•             University of the Pacific

•             University of Maine

•             Husson University


MCI will offer competitive scholarships of up to $15,000 USD, renewable yearly upon review, for highly qualified students seeking to attend MCI as a full-time student.  These scholarships are reserved exclusively for our partner schools.

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Cambodia (CIA First International School)

CIA First International School

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CIA First International School (Cambodia) and MCI (United States), inspired by the extensive possibilities offered by cooperation, recognize the need to develop new partnerships and share intellectual, material and human resources, with the aim to

  • Promote educational understanding;
  • Contribute to the pool of national and global educational knowledge;
  • Foster student development; and
  • Offer dual diploma options for middle and high school students


In the spirit of this challenge and responsibility, CIA First International School and MCI appreciate the benefits to their respective organizational systems from the established academic links therefore join together in the following Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). 

McDonald shaking hands with CIA First International School representatives

The purpose of the MOU is to develop academic and educational understanding between the two parties. Each party agrees to develop the following collaborative activities in the academic areas of mutal interest, on the basis of equality and reciprocity, including:

  • Dual Diploma
  • Gap Year Plan
  • Service Learning Program
  • Faculty and Student Exchange
  • STEM Summer Camp


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