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Innovation Gallery

MCI faculty and students are innovators - able to create, learn, and excel under any and all conditions.  Our Innovation Gallery showcases a sampling of creative assignments by our teachers and the outstanding work of the students.

VPA Honors Society Virtual Event

MCI Visual Performing arts honor society

Senior Projects

MCI 2020 Senior Projects


All seniors successfully complete a Senior Project as a graduation requirement (completed as part of the English and History courses).

Click the image to view a sampling of what our innovative seniors presented this year.

Visual and Performing Arts:
Music Performances

Teacher/Department chair Dean Neal compiled short videos of music performed by his students before transitioning to online classes in the spring of 2020.

Walk Don't Run

Summer Samba

Orange-Colored Sky

Love Your Community

Visual and Performing Arts:
Bossov Ballet Theatre Assignments

Ballet instructor Natalya Getman shared assignments from her ballet students during the spring of 2020.

T-Shirt Design Challenge:

Ballet Carmen Analysis

Chopin Nocturne in C-sharp minor Analysis

Response to Tchaikovsky’s Fantasy Overture for Romeo and Juliet

Don Quixote Character Analysis

Original Libretto Creation

Response to Camille...

Schubert Trio #2 Analysis

PSAs for Animal Shelter

Teacher/Department Chair Tanya Kingsbury recently assigned students to create a video promoting an animal shelter in Spanish. Here are two examples from students that were created on their iPads during MCI's online classes in the spring of 2020.

Public Service Announcement 1

Public Service Announcement 2

Engineering Design

Teacher Lincoln Robinson shared assignments from his students in Introduction to Design class.

Car Design

3D-printed Drawing Machine

Spinning Top

Diseases and Disorders

Teacher Jessica Libby shared assignments from her Diseases and Disorders and Advanced Anatomy and Physiology classes.



Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Acid Base Inbalance

Student Reports and Presentations

Teacher Angie Palonis shared assignments from her health classes.



Physical Education

Teacher Mike Libby shared lessons for his students during the spring of 2020.

Backpack Workout assignment

Student backpack workout video

FITT Principle Assignment

Student Fitness Component assignment

Visual & Performing Arts at MCI

MCI Visual Performing Arts video

Click the image to watch a short video about MCI's engaging visual and performing arts programs available to all students

MCI student working on iPad
MCI ballet student practicing virtually

Messages to Class of 2020

MCI student image
MCI drawing for Class 2020