JMG and SCTC Programs

Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG)

Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG) was created for high school seniors as a school-to-work program. JMG has evolved into an organization serving more than 5,000 students per year in more than 85 school-based sites. Through JMG programs, high-school and middle-school students discover their individual talents, develop skills, and seize opportunities to achieve their personal potential. JMG at MCI offers a venue for students to interact with employers, community-based organizations, and post high school opportunities. The JMG program teaches more than 37 core competencies comprised of six skill sets: personal skills, leadership skills, communication skills, job attainment skills, job success skills, and career development skills. JMG is successfully preparing Maine’s young people to be responsible and productive employees, customers, and citizens. MCI offers JMG for grades 9-12. The JMG teacher will interview every student before acceptance to the program. (1 credit)


Somerset Career and Technical Center (SCTC) is one of 27 career and technical education centers and regions in Maine, united in integrating academics and technical skills to better prepare students to move into their appropriate positions in the 21st century.

Students participate in SCTC at no charge. MCI high school juniors and seniors join students from Carrabec, Madison, Skowhegan, and Upper Kennebec Valley high schools in SCTC. Students attend SCTC for a full day/every other day and the alternate day at their member high schools. Transportation to and from SCTC is provided by MCI.

SCTC measures success through program completion rates, state and national certifications completed, work placement, and continued education after graduation.

SCTC is a member of the Somerset Workforce Development Team and the Somerset County Economic Corporation, and SCTC joins individual program advisory committees, school and work Cooperative Education agreements, Clinical Placement Sites, Business Education Internship, work placement relationships. MCI and SCTC openly share ideas and resources to enhance the present and future workforce.

For more information, visit the SCTC website: