MCI offers several courses to prepare students for a changing world. You choose the classes that work for your schedule and meet your academic goals. MCI’s academic and career counselors help you decide which courses are best for you to achieve those goals.

Our instructors design and lead classes that are as rigorous as they are engaging. You have your choice from honors classes and Advanced Placement® courses that give you a solid familiarity of the academic rigor of college. Our academic counselors are available to help you select classes that meet your specific needs.

MCI offers students opportunities for vocational education through SCTC as well as opportunities for taking college courses at local private and community colleges. We also offer JMG (Jobs for Maine Graduates) program that successfully prepares Maine’s young people to be responsible and productive employees, customers, and citizens.

Our career counselors can set you up with opportunities for internships, job shadowing, and job mentoring. They can help you create a resume, prepare you for job interviews, and connect you with employers to help you explore careers that can focus your academic education while you are at MCI.

For more information, contact the Academic Office at (207) 487-3355.



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