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School News

Maine Central Institute (MCI) Headmaster Christopher J. Hopkins announced the School has received a $10,000 grant from the Skowhegan Savings Charitable Foundation for MCI's $6.5 million Founders Campaign at a check presentation with Bank officials on the Pittsfield campus.

"We are grateful for the generous support of the Skowhegan Savings Charitable Foundation," Hopkins said in accepting the check, "and are honored to have earned their support for the Founders Campaign, which will strengthen MCI for the next 150 years."

MCI celebrated its 150th year in 2016. The Founders Campaign is the largest fundraising effort in MCI's history, and is also the School's first comprehensive campaign.

"MCI is unique. We are pleased to support this independent school offering a comprehensive educational program to a multicultural student body," said Renee Hawthorne, branch manager of the Skowhegan Savings Pittsfield branch. "Our contribution is a team effort with the community to ensure that educational diversity is still available to the region for another 150 years," Hawthorne added.

The Campaign supports four distinct areas – academics, the arts, athletics and endowment. Funds will support major renovations in Founders Hall, the original building on MCI's campus, and the repurposing of the 58-year old J. R. Cianchette building to create a Visual and Performing Arts Education Center. Campaign contributions have already been expended to construct three new multipurpose athletic fields on campus. The fourth area of the comprehensive Campaign will increase the School's $6.5 million endowment by $2 million.

The Campaign was launched at MCI's Reunion on August 5th, with the announcement of the Schools first $1 million pledge, and a major challenge gift. To date, 132 donors have contributed $4.36 million to the Founders Campaign. Gifts from individual donors are being matched dollar-for-dollar as part of the $500,000 Koester Family Challenge. Gifts totaling $279,506 have been matched thus far. Officials hope to reach the Campaign goal by August 4, 2017.

For information on supporting MCI's Founders Campaign, visit

About Skowhegan Savings Charitable Foundation

Skowhegan Savings' charitable giving program makes donations to both large and small local non-profit and charitable organizations, with a focus on financial literacy programs and Economic and Community Development, including programs that promote job creation, business retention, business growth, and community enhancement. To apply for funding, visit:

MCI is pleased to announce the first quarter honor roll for the 2016-2017 school year:

Grade 12 Highest Honors:Jung Hyun Jennie Bae, Maria Carvallo, Marshall Lawler, John Linkletter, Emily Richmond, Brayden Rollins, Hunter Wintle

Grade 12 High Honors: Benjamin Arsenault, Gabrielle Benedetto, Abigail Bernier, Jeffery Boutwell, Joshua Buker, Yuna Cho, Jinfeng Ding, Lanqing Cathy Huang, Georgy Khvtisavrishvili, Amber King,Alexei Krechko, Yicheng Allen Lin, Keely Manzo, Clark Morrison, Michael Niayesh, Xuchao Ben Niu, Dakota Patterson, Kyle Patton, Aidan Peacock, Carter Pearl, Sebastian Peill-Meininghaus, Thuy Thi Phuong Phan, Carter Richmond, Caleb Romanov, Ryan Sigston, Emillie Singh, Jessica Smith, Brandon Stevens, Breanna True, An Emily Truc Song Van, Huy An Tom Vo

Grade 12 Honors: Aaron Noonan

Grade 11 Highest Honors: Yuxin Isaac Bai, Meghan Cookson, Hannah Folan, Clair Gerry, Quanyin Hank He, Allison Hughes, Benjamin Kennedy, Abigail Monteyro, Thanh Phat John Nguyen, Anna Simeone, Elspeth Taylor, Sarah Trimarchi, Devon Varney, Caroline Vigue

Grade 11 High Honors: Adam Bertrand, Eva Bickford, Wu Victor Cai, Chon Hou Chan, Jalen Chen, Jiedi Jayson Chen, Yu Jack Chen, Samantha Dunton, Olivia Churchill Durkee, Qi Priest Feng, Madison Fitts, Pablo Garcia Atienza, Angel Gray, Makayla Guerette, Ciera Hamlin, Cassidy Hamm, Nicholas Howard, Jinsu Jang, Sarah Kossowan, Paige Lord, Connor Miholovich, Aiden Nolan, Hy Hung Long Pham, Maxine Piatt, Michaela Piatt, Katelynn Rines, Aaron Schanck, Micaela Simeone, Kianna Sousa, Abigail Stevens, Nikki Stewart, Hannah Switzer, Li Aaron Tian,Linda Vrbova, Chen Wendy Wang, Sarah Welch, Addi Williams, Tian Zhang, Qingyi Connie Zhu, Siqi Veronica Zhu

Grade 10 Highest Honors: Hayden Caldwell, Son Hai Dao, Richard Hallowell, Margaret Hodgins, Duy Bao Huynh, Jesse Kulynych Griffith, Xinyu JoJo Ma, Elisabeth Parker, Astrud Robichaud, Megan Griffin Simeone, Angel Torrado Alvarez, Bao Dang Hung Pegasus Tran, Mykayla Weinstein, Kendrah Willey, Xun Octavia Zhao

Grade 10 High Honors: Maia Blake, Duncan Boreham, Christa Carr, Brianna Cates, Nicholas Clark, Blake Dawes, Zachary Dodge, Avery Gosselin, Xiaohan Richard Hou, Ethan Inman, Sarah Kelly, Cheyanne Laythe, Josie Libby, Audrey McCannell, Caitlin McKenney, Quynh Trang Jessie Nguyen, Tung Thuong Jim Nguyen, Helen O Brien, Zeyu Jerry Peng, Kyra Rosenberg, Nan Kevin Shen, Matthew Singh, Johnathan Swift, Samuel Tilton, Viet Tuan Harry Van, Angela Waskewicz, Liana Waskewicz

Grade 9 Highest Honors: Carrie Burr, Emily Linkletter, Grace Linkletter, Riley Max, Erin Nolan, Hannah Peacock, Alexis Tardy, Edith Tierney, Ethan Varney, Kylie Woodman, Alexander Yan

Grade 9 High Honors: Olivia Allen, Trenton Basford, Michael Beauregard, Ryleigh Bickford, Tabyr Briggs, Leah Bussell, Vivian Duncombe, Taylor Gallway, Elyana Gerrie, Sean Higgins, Gabriel Howes,Sara Linkletter, Alexandria Mason, Alahna McCarron, Holly Moody, Makayla Paradis, Ava Patterson, Abigail Shaw, Abigeal Shea, Harrison Sites, Isaac Tardy, Eva Walden, Yuxin Jennifer Wen, Mallory Whitley, Jarica Wiles, Xincong Yuri Yu

Grade 9 Honors: Owen Williams

MCI alumna Emily Wagner will speak at Maine Central Institute on November 7 at 2:20 p.m. in Parks Gymnasium as part of the School's Patterson Lecture Series. The talk will correspond with this year's school theme of Philanthropy.

Wagner currently serves as MCI's Academic Counselor and Outdoor Adventure Club advisor. Prior to joining MCI's faculty, Wagner worked as a middle school educator and domestic violence prevention coordinator. She holds a Bachelors in Biology from Colby College, a Masters in Public Health from Tufts University and is a licensed Wilderness EMT. Outside of work, Wagner is a Colby Alumni volunteer, instructor for SOLO Wilderness Medical School and avid distance runner and hiker.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please call (207) 487-5915.

Maine Central Institute (MCI) launched a $6.5 million capital campaign, as part of the celebration of its sesquicentennial during the School's Reunion Weekend. The Founders Campaign is the first comprehensive campaign in the School's 150-year history.

Headmaster Christopher J. Hopkins kicked off the launch at a gathering during Reunion Weekend by thanking the 48 generous alumni and friends of the School who have contributed over $3.7 million to the Founders Campaign to date. The Founders Campaign total includes the first $1-million-dollar pledge in the School's history, made by an anonymous donor.

"The Maine Central Institute Board of Trustees join me in expressing our profound gratitude to our lead donors who have contributed over $3.7 million to the campaign. We are overjoyed to have earned their confidence and generous support as we mark the 150th year of this wonderful institution," said Hopkins.

Then, Hopkins made a surprise announcement.

"We are delighted to announce the Koester Family $500,000 Challenge Gift. This generous major gift, made by friends of the School, Tom and Anne Koester of New Jersey, will match the next $500,000 we raise, dollar for dollar. We are grateful to Tom and Anne for challenging others to support the Founders Campaign. I hope their generosity inspires everyone who believes in the promise of an even brighter future for MCI and for the students we serve," stated Hopkins.

Norbert Young, Jr., President of the Board of Trustees and MCI Class of 1966 says, "MCI is strong today - because of the contributions of numerous people over many generations. MCI will be even stronger in the future - because of us. Because of the commitments we now make to the School. As President of the Board of Trustees, I realize what a significant time this is for MCI. I am proud to be surrounded by energetic and generous alumni and friends of the School, who like me, understand the concept of 'giving back.'"

The $500,000 challenge gift is not included in the current $3.7 million Founders Campaign total.

Funds raised through the campaign will strengthen MCI's academics, arts and athletics programming and increase the School's endowment.Planned upgrades include repurposing the original math and science center, replaced in 2001 by a new facility, to consolidate music, arts, drama and dance classes into one space. Improvements to Founders Hall, MCI's original campus building, will also be completed. Final renovations involve refreshing architecturally significant details such as the building's antique tin ceiling tile, floors and stairwells, in addition to creating a new corridor running from North to South, new restrooms, and accessibility upgrades including the addition of an elevator. The school has allocated $3.4 million in campaign funds toward the upgrades.

In addition, $2 million will be invested in the School's endowment, increasing it to $6.5 million. "This investment will put MCI on stronger financial footing, safeguard the School's future, and enable it to be more competitive when recruiting teaching staff and students," Hopkins added.

Enhancements to MCI's athletic fields were funded out of the Founders Campaign and completed earlier this year. This $700,000 investment created three new multipurpose fields and renovated existing fields, making it possible for all outdoor field sports teams to practice and play on campus for the first time in the School's history.The $6.5 million capital campaign has kept the cost of raising the funds to just 5% of the goal, well under the national average of 10%.

Reunion Weekend, held August 5 – 7, attracted more than 350 alumni and school supporters from across the United States.

MCI is pleased to announce the fourth quarter honor roll for the 2015-2016 school year:

Grade 12 Highest Honors: Julia Bluhm, Alexis Caldwell, Leah Carron, Abigail DeSchiffart, Xantal Dufrasne, Viktoria Klimkova, Yitong Anna Liu, Hailey Stewart, Gregory Vigue, Hengjiali Curi Xu, Yingning Rill Ye

Grade 12 High Honors: Brianna Ballard, Mikayla Carr, Savannah Creasy, Hannah Cunningham, Wanshan Evan Dong, Dillon Fitts, Sophia Flynn, Amanda Hays, Vu Yen Linh Ho, Hannah Holtsclaw, Miranda Kuespert, Taylor Leavitt, Jiachun Maya Li, Xinxiao Frank Liu, Amelia McCannell, Jorge Miralles, Braden Monteyro, Uyen Thanh Pham, Konstantin Pribylov, Logan Rollins, Sarah Schissler, Mina Sibalic, Shamira Tanguay, Phuong Le Nam Thai, Evgenii Tilipman, Nathanael Tilton, Diyun DiDi Wang, Jiachen Eric Wang, Katherine Welch, Emma Zerba, Jialiang Michae Zhang
Grade 12 Honors: Macy Murray

Grade 11 Highest Honors: Yuna Cho, Lanqing Cathy Huang, Aidan Peacock, An Emily Truc Song Van, Hunter Wintle, Jiashu David Yue

Grade 11 High Honors: Benjamin Arsenault, Gabrielle Benedetto, Abigail Bernier, Hayden Boreham, Mikahla Brochu, Joshua Buker, Elijah Bussell, Junming Harry Hong, Georgy Khvtisavrishvili, Alexei Krechko, Marshall Lawler, Yicheng Allen Lin, John Linkletter, Keely Manzo, Carter Pearl, Carter Richmond, Emily Richmond, Brayden Rollins, Jessica Smith, Jie Lyndon Tao, Riley Trafton, Nghia Hieu Adam Tran, Xuanhua Clark Zhang, Zihao Jeremy Zhao, Breanna True

Grade 11 Honors: Seth Mason

Grade 10 Highest Honors: Samantha Dunton, Olivia Churchill Durkee, Madison Fitts, Hannah Folan, Clair Gerry, Connor Miholovich, Abigail Monteyro, Anna Simeone, Micaela Simeone, Nikki Stewart, Elspeth Taylor, Li Aaron Tian, Sarah Trimarchi, Devon Varney, Caroline Vigue, Sarah Welch, Addi Williams

Grade 10 High Honors: Yuxin Isaac Bai, Adam Bertrand, Eva Bickford, Jiedi Jayson Chen, Mercedes-Lee Cote, Chelsea Degenhardt, Ciera Hamlin, Cassidy Hamm, Allison Hughes, Tuong Huynh, Benjamin Kennedy, Gabriel Lessing, Yijie YJ Li, Paige Lord, Sydney Morton, Hoang Loc Randy Nguyen, Ngan Song Kim Natalie Nguyen, Aiden Nolan, Maxine Piatt, Michaela Piatt, PJ Plummer, Katelynn Rines, Aaron Schanck, Kianna Sousa, Abigail Stevens, Michael Strom, Chen Wendy Wang, Hongyi Billy Wu, Kazuma Yamamoto, Tian Zhang, Siqi Veronica Zhu

Grade 9 Highest Honors: Hayden Caldwell, Richard Hallowell, Caitlin McKenney, Angela Waskewicz, Mykayla Weinstein

Grade 9 High Honors: Sylvia Andersen, Seth Bussell, Nicholas Clark, Blake Dawes, Monica De Leon Brumer, Jettah Files, Victoria Friend, Avery Gosselin, Anton Grigel, Margaret Hodgins, Xiaohan Richard Hou, Sarah Kelly, Cheyanne Laythe, Josie Libby, Audrey McCannell, Evan J Shaw, Arica Taylor, Samuel Tilton, Xuanyou Jane Zhou

Grade 9 Honors: Destinee Duprey

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